(Shared at 2001 Chicago Conference)


Hello Teacher, hello Dafa practitioners:

I am a practitioner who currently works for the Ford Motor Company in Michigan.

I had a very bumpy life ever since my childhood. I was always asking what is the meaning of life? I was bewildered by the scientific fictions and phenomena when I was a little boy. When I went to college, I majored in theoretical physics and received my theoretical physics Ph.D degree. Again I was interested in understanding the formation of the universe and the origin of life. After doing research in physics for more than a decade, I became more puzzled and found that there is definitely more to know. I recognized that the overall human knowledge was so tiny, shallow and limited. When I was young, my physical health was not good at all due to various political pressure and stress. I tried to use various non-traditional methods to improve myself, such as Qigong. I read quite a few books and practiced a few methods. However, none of the books or Qigong methods could answer my questions. I started my search and tried to find something that could answer my questions. Finally, in the April of 1996, I got my answer when I read Teacher's Zhuan Falun and immediately looked for a practice group. Immediately after practicing, I got the Falun. Later on, I experience, one-by-one, the things that Teacher mentioned in his book, including the opening of the celestial eye, the elimination of karma, ways to deal with tribulations and demonic interferences. It would take more than several days to describe all my experiences. Now, I would like to share some of them with you.

Utilizing Science to Prove Dafa, Eliminate Notions during the Fa-rectification Process

After I read the book and started practicing, I immediately realized that the human world and its knowledge are nothing compared to Dafa. I understood most things deep from their roots, either from a scientific angle or an everyday standpoint. My celestial eye was opened, which allowed me to see many things and lives in other dimensions. It not only made me more steadfast in my cultivation, but also helped me spread the Fa. I frequently utilized my own experiences to let others understand the miracles of Dafa, especially using scientific terminologies and thought processes.

I got a chance to deliver a talk at a conference held by the American Physical Society for a professor's 60th birthday. It was the first opportunity for me to give a formal talk about my understanding of Dafa in scientific setting. The conference was held at the university where the first American Nobel Peace Prize winner received his prize. When I stood in front of almost a hundred physicists, astronomers and graduate students (many of them are famous in their fields) I felt awkward. On one hand, I was a little afraid of being misunderstood or sneered at. On the other hand, I also felt very confident because Dafa enabled me to know much more than the modern scientists. Meanwhile, I also felt pity for the modern people who are deceived by science. I gave talks before in that hall, however, they were all about the results of scientific research. Today, I am representing Dafa as a Dafa practitioner to talk about Teacher's Dafa. Dafa made me feel so confident that I was able to set aside all of the titles and famous names and concentrated on my talk without a glitch.

I had only 15 minutes to talk about Dafa and its scientific interpretations. I used physics terms to explain the universe's structure, its formation, and some tough un-answered questions revealed by Teacher about the concepts of physics. For example, how the Moon was formed, what came first, the chicken or the egg, what is the smallest particle, etc. When talking about the big bang theory, I first compared the universe structure that Teacher told us with the current 15 billion light year time-space that human beings could observe. Then I pointed out that this 15 billion scale universe is nothing but a small particle in the boundless universe. The phenomena observed by telescopes and other means, such as the red-shift, expansion, and temperature fluctuation are similar to a typical lattice-particle system that vibrates about its equilibriums point, just like breathing but in a very large time scale. After billions of years, it would be in a contraction mode. Assuming the universe was created by the big bang is obviously incorrect and is too na ve. It is just like blind people assessing an elephant. I also used the Fourier optics and the Fourier Transformation to explain the color complementarities seen by the third eye and regular eyes, explained by Teacher in Zhuan Falun. Using a simple time-space- analogy, I also explained the ability of precognition and retrocognition.

I could clearly sense that some of the audience was astonished, some doubted, and some laughed at what I presented. Afterwards, an astronomer talked to me and said that among all the talks, mine was the most provocative. Later in the evening, some people were still chatting with me on the topics from my talk. The only thing I thought was just to do it, I did not expect and demand anything. I only wish to let more scientists and others know more about Dafa and its impact on science and the human world. Hoping that through my own experience sharing of the Fa, I could do something for the future spreading of Dafa. A week later, the "birthday professor" wrote to me and said, "Thank you very much for your gifts. I will use the pen to write down notes while reading Zhuan Falun."

Before, I had some attachments regarding the celestial eye. I saw many practitioners cultivate with their celestial eyes closed. They progressed very fast. I thought if I could have a second chance, I would rather chose not to have my celestial eye open. Shortly afterwards, I recognized that this was another attachment. I was demanding and expecting to reach an even higher level. This is nothing but greed and selfishness. If my celestial eye was opened, it must have its reason. Maybe because I learned a lot of scientific concepts, it would be a perfect chance for me to utilize what I saw through my third eye, and what I experienced to prove Dafa and spread the Fa more effectively. As a matter of fact, I heard someone comment: "Given that he is a Ph.D and well educated, it may be true that what he saw and what he said are meaningful." I have talked with many scientists in biology, physics, and other areas and discussed with them about Dafa and its implications using scientific terms. Some of them did change their mind and recognized that there might be something beyond science. Some of them actually started practicing Dafa, though not all of them.

Recently, Teacher's new article"No Politics" inspired me with some new thoughts regarding science and Dafa and how to eliminate old notions during the Fa-rectification process.

Looking back on the 9-year history of Dafa in the human world, Teacher brought some practitioners to treat diseases for everyday people at the 1992 and 1993 Health Expo in China. It opened up the door and enabled many people to begin their cultivation. Teacher used the simplest human language and some scientific terms to explain the Fa and help break away our old mentality. This way, we could better understand the Fa and easily enter the door of cultivation. After the teaching stage came the Fa-spreading stage, and thus healing diseases in expos became history. We have learned many scientific and technical things that are useful during the Fa-spreading period to help some people come and begin cultivation. However, when the religious nature of the science, its origin, and what it does to the human world were revealed, we were no longer addicted to science and technology, but instead we could utilize them in this final stage, the Fa-rectification period. After all, science is human level knowledge and it is too shallow to explain Dafa.

Once we started cultivating, many high level principles of the universe were revealed to us; therefore, we should clearly identify the behaviors a practitioner should adopt and distinguish the anomalies that have deviated from the universal principles. The whole human society has deviated from the Fa. Politics was the product of this deviation, and science is another one. Almost every field has more or less deviated from the Fa. When the Fa comes to this level to clear away anomalies in this level, if we are still obsessed with science and other anomalies and think that science can help us answer all of our questions and let us understand a higher level Fa, then this is another attachment that may keep us from improving further.

In reality, even though I have recognized this point, it is still difficult to abandon the many scientific notions while working on Dafa activities. Sometimes I still subconsciously use the old mentality and scientific point of view to understand the new mankind and the new universe. The logic built in my mind through scientific training is still playing an active role. We are all living while cultivating in the human world. In meeting with different people from different background or different receptive level, we should be clear of the anomalies and the righteous thoughts. We should appropriately handle what we can utilize in science to validate Dafa and also know when we should abandon the scientific notions. To be able to do that, we need to study more and understand the Fa more deeply.

Encompassing Dafa Compassionately, Making Steadfast Improvements during the

Fa-rectification Process

As the Fa-spreading and Fa-rectification processes move forward, many Dafa practitioners are working diligently to expose the evil and clarify the truth. Many practitioners have worked days and nights and accomplished a lot. Compared with them, I am far behind. Although I have practiced for quite a few years, many tests I have passed were always with glitches and they were made possible only with the help from Teacher's Fashen and fellow practitioners. Now I would like to share a few more stories with you.

At the beginning of my cultivation, I thought I had a good understanding of the Fa but my Xinxing improvement was not up to speed. I was good at talking but short on action. I was not even a good person in normal terms. When encountering resistance and objections, I always blamed others for their poor enlightenment quality and lack of predestined relationship with Dafa. Some people criticized me, "You are not even a good person, how can you be a God?" "You are all words but little action." Some said, "If everyone in Falun Gong is like you, then I would have to think about it. We will give it a try when you first become a truly good person." And so on. I felt quite ashamed of myself. In fact, I was the problem. I told myself that I should genuinely cultivate myself and abandon all my own bad habits. I should be a good citizen, a good husband and father at home, and a good employee at work. I should let everyone see that Dafa has changed me into a better person. Before long, my family members and other doubters began to see the power of Dafa. Many of them eventually became practitioners.

I once introduced Dafa to an American colleague who later moved to a different job. He wrote me a letter to inform me that due to religious reason he couldn't practice Dafa. But he believed that I was among the few truly good persons that he knew. He believed in what I told him about Falun Dafa. He made the conclusion based on some little things. He told me something that I had forgotten. Once in Germany, we saw a custodian's vacuum cleaner knocked over and I ran over to pick it up. I also asked the custodian if he needed help. When we watched a street musician performing in London, I had compassion in my eyes and also contributed some money. He also recalled how I admitted my own mistakes, took responsibilities and cared for others in the workplace. After reading his letter, I am more convinced that our practitioners' every move and every word contribute to Dafa. We can show the world how Dafa changed us.

Before, when I became too busy with Dafa work and asked fellow practitioners for help, I seldom asked if they had time. I thought, this is Dafa's work and everyone should contribute. But gradually, with more compassion, I cared more about others. I would ask if they have time to do the work and always tried to get their families to agree. I would also thank practitioners' spouses for their support. I know that without family support, the other practitioners would have a hard time assisting me. Many thanks should be attributed to the spouses and families of those who are able to do some work for Dafa, especially those who work quietly and never publicize their contributions. I vividly remember several times when I expressed my appreciation with a Heshi gesture, I found myself in tears. They also appreciated my sincerity. Therefore I always got their support and understanding, no matter how much work the families have to do. We are working for others. When our actions reflect this, others will notice and support us. Buddha's working on saving human beings is for the long-term wellness and enlightenment of human beings. Our compassion is demonstrated fully when we care about others.

With the fast progress of the Fa-rectification and Fa-spreading, the Fa has raised the standard for all practitioners. Our behavior, our cultivation, and our final attainments have a direct impact on the new human society and the new universe. If we keep our own human notions, our bad habits, and our mortal sentiments, how can we assist Teacher in rectifying the Fa? We must not wait for Teacher to remove them for us. We should get rid of them during our own cultivation. Only then can we call ourselves true Dafa disciples.

These have been my own humble experiences. Compared with fellow practitioners, my stories are almost trivial. I wish to share them with everyone here so we can learn the lessons and improve together.