(Clearwisdom.net) When Clearwisdom.net exposed the Shijiazhuang City Yudong Police Station for torturing and illegally sending 22 Dafa practitioners to a labor camp, protest letters from both at home and abroad flooded into the station. At the same time, phone calls kept coming in from all areas of both China and overseas, which made the police nervous and put them on the defensive. The police tried to cover up the truth with lies; however, they were unable to get rid of their fears of being exposed for their crimes. When justly accused, the arrogance of the villains was defeated and restrained at once. An official of the political and legal committee said to a Dafa practitioner, "Exposing their crimes on Clearwisdom.net is so effective! The policemen are even afraid to pick up a ringing phone."

We hereby offer this warning to all malicious policemen: All your evil deeds have been recorded. Even after many years, the crimes you have committed will appear vividly before your eyes. Because of your wickedness, you will not only be shunned by kind-hearted people, but will also be condemned by your descendants!

Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. Those who have committed evil deeds will be held responsible. This is the reflection of a universal principle.

Vicious policemen, don't help a tyrant to do evil any more! Think about your own future; think about your descendants! How you choose to act will determine your future!

Telephone of Shijiazhuang City Yudong Police Station: (86)-311-5661356


Superintendent: Zhang Zhongzhi

Instructor: Du Yaming

Deputy Superintendent: Guo Yilong