(Clearwisdom.net) We can feel the fast pace of Fa-Rectification from our work in the "SOS 24-hour Urgent Appeal" booth in front of the Chinese Embassy in Berlin. Daily, through our Fa study, we improve and break through the previous day's wisdom levels. Cultivation during Fa rectification is like a furnace of molten steel, while individuals are like pieces of sawdust. Here I will just write down what I can think of and remember, to let people know our experiences on the bridge [where the Chinese Embassy is located], which is such a good Falun Gong information location, both for studying and validating the Fa.

1. Germans came to borrow Falun Gong and Zhuan Falun daily. We ran out of books. Even in bookstores the supply fell short of demand. We could only tell them to download them from the Internet and those without Internet access were very disappointed.

2. Many people wanted to donate money, but we politely refused. We told them that Falun Gong does not accept donations, but we hope you will do something else for us: suggest to the world's governments that they condemn Jiang Zemin and other murderers. Hearing that Jiang Zemin and his followers encourage policemen in China to kill Falun Gong practitioners, everyone showed us their concern, sighed or shook their heads.

3. During the past few days many people came directly to the signing boards to sign the petitions, no questions asked. Some commented that they had previously passed by several times. It seems as if they came in a hurry to sign, hoping not to be left out.

4. An older German lady had picked up Dafa newsletters which others had thrown away. Her instinct must have told her that this newsletter is good, and it is a pity to throw it away. She wanted to distribute these newsletters to her friends and neighbors.

5. After reading the newsletters, most people put them neatly by windows and steps along the streets, so that others could read them too. This has become the routine scene on the street every morning. They conscientiously put them there. Their behavior seems to be guided by the side of them which knows the truth. After learning the truth of Falun Gong, a college student took several copies of the newsletter and said he would distribute them in his dormitory.

6. A German named Klaus came every day to fetch some newsletters to distribute to his friends. He did it in a serious manner. If the person he approached didn't show any sympathy, he would just talk more to this person instead of handing out the newsletter. We used a car battery to run the VCR to show the truth-clarification videos. The battery went bad and Klaus tried to help. Yesterday when he went to pick up the battery, he found that all his friends had sincerity in their eyes. The day before yesterday he also invited us to tell the truth of Falun Gong to his friends. Telling him the principles of the Fa always strikes a chord in him. He told us he is willing to leave us his house-key so that we can go in at any time to take a shower or stay and rest for a while. The first time he came, at 4am or 5am in the morning, he said, " You are good people. I can help you with more besides signing the petition. You emit a giant energy field here."

7. The day before yesterday at about 10pm, a German waited until we finished telling the truth to four others before asking his question. He didn't leave until he had to, at 00:30 am (half an hour after midnight), when the last bus was leaving.

8. A German lady came at midnight, just to sign the petition and light a candle. She sincerely asked us, "Would you please allow me to light a candle?" We lit 255 candles every night. People walking or driving on the street all know that many people died from the brutal persecution. Many cars honk their horns to show sympathy.

9. Those who wanted to talk in depth usually showed up between 8pm and 2am. Those who wanted to learn the exercises usually came between 4am and 8am.

10. A German told us, "I cut out the letter to the German Foreign Minister from your newsletter and faxed it to him, but I haven't got any response. Together we need to have many people take action."

11. A local leader of the overseas Chinese community said as he accepted a newsletter, "Recently, a working group from China's National Security Ministry came to the Embassy. They did not come here for you. They came to investigate two big human smuggling cases, in cooperation with the German police. They are getting a daily headache as soon as they pass by your banners and 24-hour appeal booth. They asked us what to do. I told them, that there is nothing that can be done. This is Germany and the police protect Falun Gong practitioners as they remain in front of the Embassy every day. This is not China and there is nothing you can do." He also said to me, "I read all of your newsletters. If you are Chinese, you believe the pictures in the newsletters. You will succeed if you appeal by sticking to the principle of 'Those who kill will have to pay back by dying themselves.' These people should not die in vain."

12. On July 20, at the Falun Gong parade held in Berlin to expose the evil, we saw this group of people from China's National Security Ministry. The Chinese police never would have thought that the truth of their brutal persecution of Falun Gong that they tried so hard to hide would be totally exposed in Germany.

13. The Chinese people have been the biggest victims during this damaging evil period.

Approximately thirty people work as a maintenance crew at the Chinese embassy. When we first handed them newsletters about the persecution they did not dare to accept them. In the past week, however, almost no one refused. They even said, "You all work hard! Good job!" In the past week an especially large number of Chinese tourists came here. Some of them even took the initiative to ask for newsletters.

14. These days many German people said to us as they passed by: "You are doing the right thing! You are doing an excellent job!"

15. Some people shouted: "Forever Falun Gong!"

16. Also, some German residents appeared around 2 am and said, "I support you!"

17. People often ask: "Why on earth would China and the Jiang Zemin's regime persecute Falun Gong like this?" After the practitioners told them the truth, they had a hard time understanding why the German government and some other governments have not directly condemned the murderers. Jiang's political scoundrel group is so vicious, who dares to do business with them? There's no sense of trust!

18. When I told the police that the reason for extending the 24-hour SOS appeal was the new torture-killings of another ten practitioners, they said, "We didn't know this. We don't understand why our media didn't report this." I have been emphasizing the following points to police and passersby: If all governments in the world cared for virtue instead of economy, cared for justice instead of corruption, they would directly condemn Jiang Zemin and other murderers who do not live by the Rule of Law, and the Chinese government would not dare to praise and promote those killers to higher position. The persecution continues because some governments dare not say directly "persecuting Falun Gong is wrong," but instead say it indirectly or try to avoid the issue altogether. That way the Chinese government doesn't feel the pressure, so they kill people at will and label those tortured to death as "having committed suicide."

19. As for how to awaken non-practitioners' compassionate thoughts and consciences to join us in condemning Jiang and the other murderers, we have asked those German people who truly care for our appeal to think and help us with their ideas.

20. Every day on the bridge we feel that we need to break through yesterday's wisdom level. Every night we study the Fa and summarize.

21. When we go to the nearby restaurants, people there warmly greet us "Falun Gong! Falun Gong!"

22. A practitioner came to Berlin from somewhere else. Once she arrived in Berlin, German people saw her yellow T-shirt and asked, "Are you going to Jannowitzbruecke?" (The bridge where the Chinese Embassy is)

23.In recent days I can feel what people are saying to us has changed. "We have read your newsletter and signed the petition. What else can we do to help?"

24. An officer from the Chinese embassy told a practitioner the day before yesterday, "It is for sure that cultivation practice is good for people's health, but just don't overdo it!" Another officer said, "I can talk to you in private. Now it's my work time. I represent the Chinese government, so I have nothing to say. I don't want to say anything or accept your letter."

25.The night before last, an older Chinese lady had gotten lost for eight hours before reaching our "Falun Gong SOS 24-hour Appeal" booth. We gave her a copy of Falun Gong truth-clarifying materials and helped her to get into a police car that would escort her to her destination. We told her that she probably got lost today in order to get this Falun Gong truth newsletter. Last night we saw her daughter driving her to our place. Her daughter is an officer at the Chinese Embassy.