(Clearwisdom.net) There is a phrase being repeated in the newspapers, and on radio and TV: "With sincerity and love, to warm-heartedly help, to patiently educate ... " Is it true?

At about 10:40 am on May 10, 2001, the Party secretary of Yanzhuang Town, Liu, under the abetment of the Party official of the county, Ding Bo, brought several men with him to the Qingyuan Detention Center. He arraigned Zhao Shuangquan, a Dafa practitioner from Houlangying Village, Yanzhuang Town and beat him violently in a room in the front yard of the detention center.

Shortly before this, Zhao had been violently beaten by another Party secretary of the Town together with the men brought by that secretary. At that time, he was beaten with very thick wooden clubs. He was also kicked, hit and beaten with hard leather shoes, and his whole body was swollen with blood marks under the skin. Yet, Zhao kept silent and did not cry out at all during the beating. However, the beating this time was so severe that such a firm man yelled out harrowing cries. It made all the people in custody suddenly feel heart-stricken and they all hurried to the window at the back of the room where Zhao was being beaten. Everyone present was shocked, and many kind-hearted onlookers burst into tears of grief and indignation.

When Zhao went back to his room in the detention center and took off his shirt, people saw blood marks in the shape of shoe soles all over his body. Also, his chest, kidney areas, ribs and many other places on his body were swollen with the blood marks and were all black and blue. His face was disfigured and was very pale.

Lies can deceive people for a while, but they can never deceive those dozens of kind eyes.

Why are Dafa practitioners suffering such persecution? It is just because they uphold justice, truth and speak out these sincere words: "Falun Dafa is good, I will firmly practice Dafa."