[Clearwisdom.net] Chen Jiafu was a teacher at a polytechnic school in Dalian city. Beginning in July 1999, he had gone several times to Beijing to appeal for Dafa and clarify the truth. He was illegally sentenced to a forced labor camp in October 1999. When he first came to the Dalian Indoctrination Center, he was forced to do the heaviest job--snatching the bricks.

Chen Jiafu was six feet and three inches tall. After continuously stooping and straightening his back for several days, he was so exhausted that he was passing blood in his stool and could not straighten his back. He was very weak physically. In September 2000, he was transferred and finished his sentence at the Dalian Indoctrination Center. At that time, he had already been dismissed by his employer. His wife divorced him. His parents had been so severely poisoned by the lying propaganda that they could not understand him.

Although he had nothing to his name, he looked for and found a job. After one month of working he had earned several hundred yuan, and again went resolutely to Beijing to appeal for Dafa. He was once more sent to the Dalian Indoctrination Center and was locked up in a "small cell" (solitary confinement). The staff working for the Education Section of the Dalian Indoctrination Center talked to him several times. He not only refused to give in, but also promoted Dafa and told them how wrong they were to persecute Dafa. After being released from the small cell, he was transferred and kept under close surveillance. Once when he was attending a meeting, he slightly closed his eyes, and was at once pulled out of his chair by the deputy director of the Dalian Indoctrination Center. Several policemen pushed him down, beat him up and forced him to kneel down. Chen refused to give in.

While under close surveillance, he was very strict with himself. Every day, he made good use of the time to recite the Fa and check inside for his own shortcomings. He always felt that he was not doing well enough. After March 2001, he was detained in the first brigade. The director of the Dalian Indoctrination Center himself, Hao Wenshuai, tried to force him to give up his belief. He did not give in, but still promoted the Fa. He was again locked up in the small cell until he was tortured to death for insisting on his righteous belief.

Now, in the Dalian Indoctrination Center, there are about five hundred Dafa practitioners locked up illegally. The female practitioners have always been locked up in one unit. Before March, the male practitioners were always spread out among the various brigades. In the first brigade of the brickyard, the practitioners have to work about twelve hours a day, without taking a day for rest. They can neither take a bath nor have their family visit them. Occasionally when their families come to visit them, the families are forced to curse Dafa. Otherwise, they might not have the chance to visit the practitioners. In the third brigade, the Dafa practitioners are forced to shoulder gunnysacks and hand-pick peas. Every day, they have to work over fifteen hours. After March, the male practitioners were locked up together.

On March 19, 2001 the political commissar, Zhang Xiaoliang, Hao Wenshuai, Zhang Baoling and others had a meeting to prepare for the criminal "forced transformation" of Dafa practitioners. Since then the Dalian Indoctrination Center has entered a horrifying period.

The method for "forced transformation" is to use the prisoners or the team leaders together with another three to five persons to handle one Dafa practitioner. Some of the practitioners were tied up in a standing position; some of them were handcuffed so that they were kept on the floor on their backs; still others were pushed down to the ground on their hands and knees. Wearing only shorts, the practitioners were shocked with electric batons. After they lost consciousness, they would be splashed with cold water and then shocked again. Or they might be beaten up with rubber clubs.

When the team leader named Qiao Wei was tired from beating the practitioners, he asked the prisoners to continue beating them. Some practitioners' faces were pressed down into the water, and they were almost suffocated before they were allowed to take some air. The torturers often used the electric batons to shock the practitioners' sensitive parts such as their genitals, necks, faces, arches of the feet and ears. Every day, miserable cries filled the floors upstairs and down. Whoever did not want to give up was tortured brutally. Zhang Jun's head received cuts; Zhou Benxu was beaten so badly that he could not stand up; Liu Changhai was tortured for several continuous nights. Screams of pain often broke out at midnight. In order not to let the cries be heard, the torturers used the mop to stop the Dafa practitioners' mouths. It is said that Liu Yonglai was tortured to death in this way.

At the present time, the Dalian Indoctrination Center uses these extremely brutal means to treat those practitioners who have recently been arrested. The team leaders ask the Dafa practitioners who have recently been arrested to kneel down on the ground. They keep them kneeling down if they do not give in. If they refuse to kneel down, they will use the electric batons to shock them. Jing Dianke tries to force the practitioners to write "exposure-criticism materials." If they do not write, they are considered as "stubbornly insisting on doing Falun Gong" and will be punished. Or, even if they write but do not curse Falun Gong in what they write, the policemen will not let them go. Frequently, they use the electric batons to threaten the Dafa practitioners.

Sometimes, the team leaders gave the electric batons and the policemen's tools to the prisoners and asked them to beat the Dafa practitioners. Whoever beat the practitioners would be rewarded with a deduction from the length of their sentence. Some prisoners, including Zhang Fudong and Jiao Bo, thus became willing accomplices to the police.