(Clearwisdom.net) In early morning of July 19, more than 40 Falun Dafa practitioners from all over New Zealand stood in front of the Chinese Embassy, holding up banners that read "SOS! Urgent Call to Rescue Falun Gong Practitioners Persecuted in China," and "255 Falun Gong Practitioners Have Died from the Persecution." With both hands, they held up pictures of the practitioners who had died in police custody. It was a solemn scene.

From time to time, vehicles passing by honked their horns in support. Some people stuck out their thumbs, and many pedestrians slowed down to read flyers.

Soon, four people came out of the Chinese Embassy. They walked across the street to where the practitioners stood and started giving out flyers smearing Falun Dafa. When practitioners went over to clarify the truth to them, one of them spat on the ground. The practitioners told the police about what happened. Half an hour later, they were called back by the embassy for not having permission to give out flyers.

Some staff members from the Chinese Embassy came out again later, trying to take pictures of the practitioners. When the practitioners tried to stop them, they rudely demanded that the practitioners leave. After they went back to the embassy, the practitioners found someone hiding behind the curtain in the window, secretly taking pictures. There was also a person taking pictures of a practitioner from his car. The practitioner found out and quickly took a close-up picture of him and said "thank you" to him. The person immediately drove away in panic.

In the afternoon, the photographer of Channel 3 came over to shoot the peaceful appeal of Falun Dafa practitioners. The people in the Chinese Embassy could not hold themselves back. Despite warnings from the police, they came out again and took two videocassettes smearing Falun Dafa to the photographer. When the photographer asked them what it was, they could not answer clearly. A female practitioner took the cassettes and said in front of the camera, "Lies. These are lies." Her words were quoted in the evening news of Channel 3 that day. When the photographer learned that the police had clearly stated that the embassy people should not come over to interfere, he said that the videocassettes were evidence of their violation of this rule.

The appeal lasted for two and a half days.