(Clearwisdom.Net) Falun Dafa practitioners Nan Mingyue and Gai Jinghua (both female, pseudonyms) from Xiagongcun Village, Wei County, Hebei Province, went to Beijing to appeal on the lunar calendar day, February 2, 2000 (March 7, 2000 on a solar calendar). They were arrested that night and detained in the Wei County holding office in Beijing. The village's XX Party Secretary, Zhang Sheng, and Gao Weiming, the vice director of the Police Station, took them into custody. As soon as Zhang Sheng walked in he pounded Gai Jinghua's forehead fiercely with a coffee mug. He continued to beat and curse her until he was exhausted. They handcuffed the two female Dafa practitioners and transported them back overnight. On the way back, Zhang Sheng continued to beat them and to curse Falun Dafa.

The next morning they were taken to the Village Government Office. The minute they arrived, Zhang Sheng ordered that they be handcuffed to two huge poplar trees. They were tortured one by one, with beating, cursing and electric baton shocks. Then Zhang Sheng forced them to perform labor tasks.

Nan and Gai spoke with Niu Zhenhui, another female Falun Dafa practitioner who had gone to Beijing on the lunar calendar day of January 14 (Feb. 18, 2000). The watchman told Zhang, who became very angry. He ordered Gai Jinghua, who was washing windows, to report to him. When she arrived, he grabbed her hand and thrust it into the burner on the stove. When he saw that Gai was not afraid, he ordered both of them to be handcuffed with their backs against poplar trees. He specifically chose the biggest poplar tree for the relatively short and slim Gai Jinghua. Around 2 PM on February 10 (Mar. 15, solar calendar) Zhang told her, "I will see if you lower your head to me or not. If you tell me, 'It hurts,' or 'Falun Dafa is fake,' I will let you go!" After more than an hour of torture, Gai's face turned pale from the pain. Still, she did not give up and did not lower her head. Zhang became increasingly angry and said, "I'll see how stubborn someone small like you can be!" He tortured her until 5:00 P.M. Gai almost passed out. Her tongue slipped out of her mouth. Zhang panicked and tried to give her some water. Gai's eyes were closed and she refused to take any water. Finally Zhang ordered someone to set them free. These two practitioners' hands were numb for more than 20 days afterwards.

The next day they still ordered the three practitioners, Gai, Nan and Niu, to perform forced labor tasks. Niu was detained for 18 days, fined 700 RMB (Chinese Currency), and then sent home. They detained Gai and Nan for 90 days.

Zhang's diabetes relapsed because of his evil actions. He had to go to Beijing to have the severe condition treated. While he was in Beijing his son and his friends were in an automobile accident. His son broke three ribs and almost died. Zhang Sheng interrupted his treatment and came back for his son. Right after this incident, he was accused of corruption. He was suspended and sent to another location.

He finally awakened and realized that he was receiving retribution because of his torturing Falun Dafa practitioners that practice "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance." We heard that he started to read Falun Dafa books, to develop an understanding of Falun Dafa and to transform his way of thinking.

Another Retribution Case

A family member of a female Falun Dafa practitioner in Beijing read Falun Dafa books and thought the practice made sense. However, after April 25, 1999, he changed his attitude. After that, whenever she did the exercises, he would say, "Arms, just like you, are not as thick and strong as legs, just like the authorities. How can you turn the situation around?" He even tried to tear up the Falun Dafa books. She said, "You can beat me, but please do not tear the Dafa books. You will receive retribution!" He did not believe what she said and tore the Dafa books apart anyway.

At the beginning of July of this year, he was making a phone call from the small market that they owned. The couple next-door was fighting. The husband had had a few drinks and became very angry. He took out a foot-long "melon" knife and left the apartment. He went straight for the practitioner's family member and slashed his arm. The wound was so deep that it severed his nerves. He is still in the hospital and can barely feel his fingers. This is the retribution he received for tearing Dafa books.

People should know that immediate retribution comes from the Deities' compassion for them. It punishes their sinful behavior. It also allows them to stop sinning and replace bad deeds with good ones. Thus, people won't continue to make more karma and end up perishing. To treasure the warnings from the Deities is to treasure your own life.