(Clearwisdom Net)

Chi Yulian (female) was delivered to cell 8-6 of Dalian Detention Center around 4pm on May 29th, 2001.

Chi was two days into her hunger strike when the guards found out. For five days in a row, they inserted a tube from her nose to her esophagus to force-feed her. On the sixth day, she developed a fever and aches all over her body. The criminals being held in the same cell tried to discourage her, but Chi Yulian used her great compassion to clarify the truth to them.

In the evening of the seventh day, Chi Yulian shared some of her thoughts about cultivation with me. She said, "I won't cooperate with the evil anymore. Tomorrow (Monday, June 4th), I will resist them."

The next morning, guard Meng Jun took her away again to force-feed her. On the way, Chi Yulian clarified the truth to him, but four male guards still brutally force-fed her. When she was sent back, I saw that she was exhausted, but some female guards came to torture her putting a device on her body that severely restricted any movement. After two days of being locked in the same position, she lost control of her bowel functions. She could not even sit up, but criminals in the cell still continued to torture her in a multitude of ways at the urging of the guards. After eight days of hunger strike and extreme torture, her life was in danger. Out of fear of being exposed, they sent her away, supposedly for hospital treatment. We lost track of her after that.

After I was freed, I read from the Clearwisdom website that Chi Yulian died while protecting Dafa. She was true to her oath: "To live with no pursuits, To die with no regrets." (Draft translation of Teacher's poem, "Non-existence.")