(Clearwisdom Net) Our family has benefited a great deal from practicing Falun Dafa. We enjoy better health and interpersonal relationships while striving to be better people. However, our freedom has been taken from us. We'd like to share with the world our story.

On April 6, 2001, Li Junfeng and Li Yongsheng from the Security Office of Cang County Public Security Bureau broke into our home. They ransacked our house and took away our father Chen Jingwu by force. He was working in the fields at the time, and none of us were notified of his arrest. He has been detained for the last three months.

After my father was taken away, an officer from the Public Security Office, Daguanting Village, Cang County, came to the home of my aunt Zhang Junying at midnight. He broke a section of the surrounding wall and went into the house when he was sure that no one was at home. He then ransacked the place. Later, local officials repeatedly detained Zhang Junying, severely disrupting her life. She has since then been forced to flee from the village to escape further persecution.

My brother Chen Yong was detained in the Cang County Detention Center for three months for clarifying the truth to other villagers. On June 20, my aunt Chen Xiumin and I went to Cang County Public Bureau to demand the release of Chen Yong. In response, Chief Officer Li Junfeng confiscated our personal belongings and locked us up in the Cang County Detention Center. We went on a six-day hunger strike before we were released.

All we are trying to do is to become better people through our cultivation, yet we have been persecuted at every turn.

The following are the names and phone numbers of those people who have tormented us.

Pang Bingshan, Associate Chief of Cang County Public Bureau, Tel: 86-317-3053305, 3053333, 3053344

Li Junfeng, Chief Officer of Security Office, Cang County Public Security Bureau, Tel: 86-317-3053221

Zhang Zhiyi, Public Security Office, Daguanting Village, Cang County, Tel: 86-317-4058269

Government of Daguanting Village, Tel: 86-317-4058223

Cang County Detention Center, Tel: 86-317-3053255