(Clearwisdom.net) One 6-year-old young Dafa practitioner is very lovely and everyone likes her. In the kindergarten, when some teacher said some bad words about Falun Dafa, this young practitioner immediately sent forth righteous thoughts to stop her from talking. At noontime, all the children in the kindergarten are asked to take a nap, but this young practitioner could not fall asleep. She lies in her small bed and recites Hongyin (a collection of Master Li's poetry) by heart, and then sends forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil.

Her parents are very busy. However, this young practitioner is diligent and often transcribes Hongyin. Recently, she saw a lotus with her Tianmu and copied the lotus in the form of a Fa-boat. She wrote under the picture, "Drawn by a 6-year-old Dafa practitioner," and "The heart harbors Zhen-Shan-Ren, Cultivating oneself while benefiting others. ('Harmonious and Bright')" She also said that the lotus is very beautiful and has a color that could not be described in the human world.

Once, this young practitioner was practicing the standing exercises with her mother. When they had finished the exercises, she saw Faluns all over the sky. There were also some demons. However, they were either hit by thousands of flashes of light from within the Faluns and melted, or were washed away by the flood pouring out from the Faluns, or were absorbed into the Faluns and then broken into pieces. Then rows of Faluns made the way for Master Li. He sat on a lotus, smiled and waved to her. Recently, after sending forth righteous thoughts, she saw an extremely huge Falun, and she half jokingly covered her eyes, saying that, "It is too huge, too huge." Also, she has frequently seen some huge words as big as buildings in front of her eyes.

That day the young practitioner sent forth righteous thoughts once every hour for 4 times. She said that the second time (when it was raining) was the strongest, and she felt that she was as tall as heaven and incomparably noble, with an enormous body. She said that she saw Master Li's big Fashen (law body) sitting on a lotus and holding one hand vertically. She also mentioned that her mother's body in another dimension was transparent. Her mom asked her, "How do you know it is transparent?" She said she could see the scenes on the other side through her mom's body.

That evening, when her mom put her to bed, she turned to her mom and said, "Mom, there is a circle of Buddhas all around you." Her mom asked who they were, and she told her that they were Master Li. Immediately, her mom put her hands together (Heshi) to salute to Master Li. Then she giggled and said she saw a circle of small Buddhas turning around her mom's hand. Her mom always felt quite encouraged by these words.

This young practitioner sometimes went out with her mom to distribute the Dafa materials and often told her mom where she should put the materials. Sometimes they went to distribute letters under the burning sunshine. When her mom became tired, she said, "No" like a mature child, and that "This is what I should do for Dafa." If a child can be so diligent, how can the adults not make full use of their time?

(The young practitioner's mom told the oral account and her dad wrote this article.)