Ever since Jiang Zemin and his gang of political scoundrels began to illegally persecute Falun Dafa, natural and man-made disasters have been constantly and continuously occurring. This year, Shandong province experienced a severe drought, the likes of which had not been experienced in more than a century. Also, a few days ago, in the Western part of Shandong province, there was a hailstorm, a plague of locusts, and other disasters. These are all warnings from the Heavens!

In Yantai city, Shandong Province, the evil force arrested Dafa practitioners in a frenzy, set up brainwashing classes everywhere, and scrambled to have 100% of Dafa practitioners "transformed." While the Dafa practitioners did not open their doors to let in the police, they used skeleton keys to open the doors anyway, and then captured the practitioners. They also smashed some doors open to get in. These kinds of insane doings filled the masses with indignation. So far, already more than one hundred Dafa practitioners have been arrested. If people don't control this, the Heavens will! On May 28, in the Kunlun Mountain Forestry Center of Yantai city, there was a huge wildfire caused by lightning. This was an inexplicable fire. It was a warning signal from the Heavens. Because of the long period of drought and large gusts of wind, the fire spread very quickly. Yantai city sent out more than 3000 people to put out the fire, but the city still suffered heavy losses.

As early as last year, Yantai city had a water shortage emergency. In addition, because of the dryness and lack of rainfall, the water supply system in Yantai city could completely shut down at any time.

In fact, warnings from the Heavens have occurred since early on in the persecution, but people have not heeded them. In October 1999, vicious people in the Zhaojia village of Zhangxing town, Zhaoyuan city brutally tortured and killed Dafa practitioner Zhao Jinhua. Soon after, a giant wave sunk a ship fully loaded with 300 people. Only about two dozen people survived the catastrophe. This was the huge sea calamity on November 24 that astounded the whole world.

Meng Hao, the country's youngest Dafa practitioner persecuted to death, was from Yantai city. At that time he was only eight months old. He was tortured to death by policemen when he and his mother went to Beijing to appeal. The unlawful people in the Zhifu district of Yantai city elaborately plotted the first brainwashing class there. The method they used to capture practitioners was even more thug-like and evil. Please look at the example below:

Six people, led by policeman Zhao Zhiyi from the Baishilu police station (there were a few people from the Baishilu street agency), broke into Dafa practitioner Wu Lirong's home. At that time, Lirong was washing her clothes. Because she did not cooperate with the police's illegal actions, five of them forcefully threw her into a car. They stripped her of her clothes and did not even let her wear shoes. The residents living nearby saw their disgusting conduct and told many people about it. This is how the policemen of the XX party are!

The head policeman Wang Liang of the Baishilu police station in Yantai city was manipulating people and secretly pulling strings. When the policemen beat up and shocked Dafa practitioners with electric batons, Wang Liang pretended not to see or hear anything. He even suggested that the policemen hit practitioners harder. Recently, in order to get a huge bonus, he told them to smash practitioners' doors open in order to enter their homes. The police arrested the practitioners without just cause, and did not show a warrantee or any identification, nor give any reasons for the arrest.

Yantai city authorities sent practitioners to Mental Hospitals and subjected them to inhuman persecution.

Sun Minghao, male, was born on September 8, 1975 in Yantai city and is 26 years old this year. He was a teacher at the Teen Palace in Yantai. Many times, he was forced to take medicine and injections. A few mental patients at the hospital held him down and tied him to a bed with bandages. While they held him down, a nurse forcefully inserted a tube into Sun Minghao's nose and poured in the medicine.

All the natural and man-made disasters in China result from the persecution against Dafa practitioners by Jiang Zemin and his accomplices. The persecution is still continuing. The practitioners who have been arrested suffer countless tribulations every day. Please use your conscience and rationality to judge this. Together, we can resist the further spread of this Evil.