A Captain at Fenjin Labor Camp in Changchun City is arrested

A captain (name yet to be confirmed) at Fenjin Labor Camp, Changchun City in Jilin Province has been arrested. During his term in office, he allegedly received bribes of several tens of thousands of Yuan, and it was reported that he lent his uniform to civilians for the purpose of committing criminal acts such as robbery and extortion. While serving his term in office, he was involved in the persecution and torture of Dafa practitioners; he caused one practitioner to fall from a tall building and be severely injured.

The deputy director of Weizigou Labor Camp is dismissed from office á

Recently, deputy director Zhang Benquan of the Weizigou Labor Camp, Changchun City, was dismissed from office. During his term in office, he tortured Falun Dafa practitioner Han Yuzhu to death. This is an example of the retribution an evil person receives in this lifetime.

At present, a dozen or more Falun Dafa practitioners are being illegally detained in the Weizigou Labor Camp. In addition, each practitioner is under 24-hour surveillance by two officers; there are also four other cell-inmates assisting. Here I would like to inform all the officers: Zhang Benquan is a good example--this is his reward and retribution for everything. If you treat a Dafa practitioner kindly, you are heading towards a good future. Make your choice wisely.

Punishment for tearing up Dafa posters

One day, a woman from a city in Northeastern China saw some Dafa posters in the hallway of a building. She immediately threw a tantrum and ripped down the posters, defaming Teacher Li at the same time. I did not see her for several days after the incident. However, I later found out that she had an accident and fell down, badly fracturing her leg.

I would like to advise people to clearly differentiate black from white. He who goes against Dafa will be punished.

An example of retribution for someone who persecutes Dafa practitioners

A Dafa practitioner from Qinjiatun, Gongzhuling City went to Beijing to appeal against the injustice done to Dafa. He was illegally fined 2,000 Yuan by the local police and the village Secretary, Li Zemin. Recently, Li Zemin was arrested and charged with illegal arms possession as well as some other criminal behavior.