[Clearwisdom.Net] Master says: "Human society is a good place for cultivation, since everything here can induce attachments. Precisely because of this, a person who is able to step out of it and get rid of all his attachments to human society is magnificent and is able to reach Consummation ('No Politics')."

That a certain matter has positive implications for Fa rectification does not mean that the overall direction of every concrete action taken by the person(s) involved is all correct. Fa rectification and the people who wish to put in an effort for Fa rectification are two entirely different concepts. This is an obvious principle.

As Dafa disciples cultivating during the period of Fa rectification, it is possible that everything we do could leave its mark on history and become a reference for future generations. Thus, every step entails the issue of one soberly examining it against Dafa to determine right or wrong. This relates to the serious matter of whether one can be responsible to oneself and responsible to the Fa. Only by "taking the Fa as the teacher" and not carrying any individual notions and worldly human sentiments can one make correct and compassionate judgements.

The Fa rectification work that we are now doing all involves things that have never been done before and all of it entails a considerable amount of difficulty. Precisely because of this, only when we are able to keep a straight path and do it well, can its preciousness be revealed, can we reach Consummation, and can the mighty virtue of Dafa be established. "Having never done it before" is not a reason for making mistakes in the Fa, but is a prerequisite and an opportunity for a cultivator to be accomplished, tested, and headed towards maturity within the principles of the Fa.

Every task in Fa rectification work is very important because it plays a unique role within the overall situation of Fa rectification. However, if one exaggerates, in an unprincipled manner, the importance of a particular task due to one's personal point of view or understanding, it will very often have the opposite effect and interfere with the big picture. The lessons in this regard have already been numerous and have been incisive enough. Lessons should turn into experience and become a new starting point for us to do well from now on. Any particular person's words can only be used as a reference and are completely separate from the Fa.

The principles of the Fa are serious and so is cultivation practice. They are definitely not to be mixed up with the human sentiments and work of the worldly realm. In the face of critical issues of right or wrong that relate to Dafa principles, whether or not we can at all times use the principles of the Fa to keep our divine side in command of our own human side is crucially important to both Fa rectification and cultivation practice. On the other hand, the sentiments of humans (saving face, shrewdness, harsh criticism, humanly-induced failures, and all other human sentiments) are all coarse-grained matter that obstructs our divine side from having its leading effect.

A Dafa particle should at all times consider being responsible to the Fa, responsible to practitioners, responsible to society, responsible to oneself, and consider issues from the perspective of the principles of the Fa. This requirement, judged by the progress of the Fa rectification, should not be too much to ask.

"We are Dafa disciples traveling along the final path towards Consummation. Keeping straight on one's path is also one aspect of validating the Fa."

Clearwisdom Editors

July 9, 2001