May 31, 2001

[Minghui Net] May 13th was World Falun Dafa Day. Practitioners and other people all over the world were celebrating this magnificent day. In China, however, there were many police and undercover policemen all over the train station as well as on every main street in Beijing. Even though Tiananmen Square was filled with police, police cars, and spies and the atmosphere was frightening, thousands of practitioners still overcame all the difficulties and went to Tiananmen Square to rectify the Fa and clarify the truth to all people.

On May 13th, the voices of "Falun Dafa is good," "Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa" were constantly coming out from Tiananmen Square. Practitioners mingled among other tourists so that it became difficult for the police to distinguish the practitioners from other people. What stirred our hearts the most were the banners that appeared in Tiananmen Square printed with "Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa," "Return Innocence to Falun Dafa," "Fa rectifies the human world" and "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance." Those, since they proclaimed the truth, were what the evil-doers feared most. And arrested practitioners were mostly those who unfurled the banners.

I was arrested at around 3:00 PM. All practitioners who refused to report their names and addresses were sent to the Tiananmen police station. As soon as the police opened the iron gate, the practitioners inside applauded and welcomed us. Many of them had bruises on their faces. Some of them had been beaten so badly that their faces were deformed. A female practitioner who was about 30 years old had a 4mm deep cut on her chin which resulted from the beating by police. She bled profusely. Every practitioner was firm and determined. We recited Teacher's articles. Whenever a practitioner was beaten, we shouted: "Suffocate the evil," "Beating violates the law."

At 6:00 PM, there were fifty practitioners left besides those whose addresses had been discovered and had not yet been taken away by their local officers. The guards separated the male and female practitioners and planned to put us on two separate buses. We held onto each other and unified into one whole group and refused to move. The police then beat us up with batons with four or five policemen beating one practitioner. One policeman stepped on a 20-year-old practitioner's head, another four "officers" kicked him on his back and legs brutally. It lasted almost half an hour before we were forced to get on the bus. Female practitioners got on a big bus and we 13 male practitioners got into a police van. As soon as the vehicle started moving, we opened the windows and shouted "Falun Dafa is good," "Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa," "Falun Dafa is innocent" and "Restore our teacher's blamelessness." We shouted along the way until the van got to the Mentougou branch of Beijing security bureau. We wanted to wake up more people and to let them know the truth.

When we arrived at the Mentougou branch, we were sent to different police stations to be interrogated. A 20-year-old practitioner and me were sent to Junzhuang police station. A policeman named Chen Guowei (police badge number 045261) and two others came up saying: "Do not mention anything about Dafa. I do not believe it nor do I want to hear about it. Our duty tonight is to find out why you came to Beijing, your name, and where you came from. It will save all of us time. Do not make us beat you." We firmly refused to tell our names and addresses, only saying that we came to rectify the Fa and that our names were "Dafa practitioners." We calmly told them the universal principles.

Chen became very impatient and slapped me on the face suddenly. He then punched me on my head and chest. I was surprised but did not feel any pain. We still refused to tell them anything. He went out and came back with electric batons. He shocked us on various exposed areas. Another practitioner is a quiet college student and he was shocked until he had spasms and he had to lie on the floor, breathing heavily. To the end, we did not cooperate with these evil people. We would rather suffer physically than give in. There was nothing they could do. They sent us to the Mentougou detention center.

When we were in the detention center, we thought that we were not criminals. We are cultivators of the righteous Fa. Therefore, we refused to carry out the rules and refused to eat and drink to protest their suppression. Some officers in charge incited other criminals to beat, chain, and shackle us. There were always sounds from every cell of practitioners being beaten. After three days, we went on a hunger strike. They beat me until I fainted. They let the doctor examine me. I had a very rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure. I fainted almost every day because of the hunger strike. They feared that I was going to die there and finally released me.

At Mentougou branch and detention center, all the policemen and criminals admired Dafa practitioners after seeing them so determined and never giving in. We know that it is our Teacher who gives us eternal life and brings hope to this universe. This motivates all practitioners to strive forward during the Fa rectification process and to let every life see the powerful manifestation of the magnificent Fa. The Fa eliminates all the evil and rectifies the cosmos.

During the magnificent Fa rectification period, as a practitioner, if one cannot prove worthy of Dafa, he does not deserve to be born in this eastern land [China]. And if he breaks his promise, he will regret it forever!