[Editor's note] Shanshan turned nine years old this year. He began practicing Falun Dafa at the age of four with his parents. At the very beginning, his mother watched videos and listened to tapes of the Teacher's lectures at home, while Shanshan was playing with his toys nearby. He appeared not to have been listening closely to the lectures at all, but he started saying some words that really amazed his parents when he was five. Since then, Shanshan began his cultivation practice in earnest. Though he didn't know any Chinese characters, and couldn't even write his name in Chinese, he was able to read Zhuan Falun and other Dafa books. However, he couldn't recognize the same words when they appeared elsewhere. Over the past year, Shanshan has started telling his mother about what he has seen. The contents are substantial, and the main parts are described below.


"Send forth righteous thoughts for the third time, and eradicate the evil." When I arrived, I saw that Teacher was already there, waiting for us. Teacher was sitting on a lotus flower and he had brought several large immortals with him. It was a huge battlefield again. Soon the demons came on ferociously. Different kinds of demons gathered together, including crocodiles, huge snails, ghosts from hell, and skulls. Thousands of them stood in rows. Teacher put a cover over the battlefield, but the demons couldn't see it. All the demons that entered the cover today would not be able to get away.

We practiced the meditation exercise waiting for the first time to send forth righteous thoughts, simultaneously, with other practitioners around the world. A small number of the ghosts turned themselves into winds from hell and came towards us. The winds were chilly and bracing. It was June, but obviously the practitioners were freezing since the word "cold" kept coming out from the practitioners' minds.

Teacher was watching all of this.

The demons found the chilly winds to be powerful weapons. So a large number of ghosts from hell gathered and drifted toward us in order to interfere with our forthcoming righteous thoughts. The winds became colder and colder. They blew at us and chilled us to the bone. But we didn't move at all, and none of us stepped back. Many ghosts from hell emerged. They were actually not ghosts from hell, but the embodiments of the demons. So they all had some supernormal abilities. Teacher noticed that the effects of sending forth righteous thoughts could be undermined if they were allowed to continue. So he began making hand gestures on the lotus flower and those large immortals by Teacher's side also started to clear these demons away.

When the time came, we braved the cold wind and silently recited, "The Fa rectifies the Cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated." Falun and our supernormal abilities immediately fired at those demons. The battlefield was full of fire, lightening and thunder like explosions. Today there were a lot of demons. Though they outnumbered us by countless times, whole groups of demons were killed or injured by (one strike of) Teacher, a few heavenly immortals, and us.

It was the decisive battle today. So the demons that came here all had some capabilities. Those demonic troops of crocodiles and snails had all swallowed "heavenly dan" [energy clusters] before they came. They had stolen some Fa-instruments and heavenly dan that had been cultivated for many years by immortals in other dimensions. Now they had become sagacious since they had swallowed the dan. I bombed a big demon and I saw the precious golden dan in his chest. But a tiny finger or one rotation of Falun was more than enough to crush these poisonous demons.

Not one demon was left after we sent forth our righteous thoughts for the third time. All the demons were totally eliminated inside the cover put up by Teacher. It then became warmer and the sun shone on us.

Nowadays, sometimes I follow Teacher to clear away demons. Sometimes I fight with demons myself. Recently, I have been going out to eliminate the Evil almost everyday. Teacher continues to teach me how to send forth purer righteous thoughts to eradicate the Evil. Yesterday Teacher picked me up as I was practicing the exercises. Happily, I went with Teacher to eliminate demons. I saw a golden door with two locks on it. I pushed it but it didn't open. I asked Teacher what was behind the door. Teacher said solemnly but kindly to me, "It is time to remove your heart of curiosity."

After a while, (a demon) pretending to be Teacher tried to deceive me. My supernormal abilities were not powerful enough to defeat it, so Teacher came and blew it off. Teacher told me, "Don't try to look into the cause. Why do you want to know its evolution? Just eliminate the demon immediately when you see it. The simpler the thoughts are, the better the result will be. This is because the simpler the thoughts are, the more powerful the thoughts will be. Otherwise, your supernormal abilities will be blocked by your own thoughts. And only 10 percent of your supernormal abilities will be sent out." Teacher also said, "You will know everything when you reach Consummation later. Now you need to make the best use of your time to eliminate the Evil."

Before I left, Teacher told me to raise my palms upright to send forth my gong to the house where those Chinese demons resided. Teacher strengthened gong for me in my back. I recited, "The Fa rectifies the Cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated." And I targeted the house on earth to send out my gong with my palms upright. The house was blown up right away with fires rising to the sky. My supernormal abilities used to be able to blow up only one floor of the house, based on my past experience. So I came to really understand what Teacher had told me. All that we have is from Teacher and from the principles of the universe "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance." We will have boundless universal powers as long as we let go of the concept of "ourselves" and dissolve into the Fa totally. Now I don't feel tired after I eliminate the Evil. Instead, it seems I have unlimited strength.

Teacher's mouth doesn't move when he speaks. He uses mind-intent. The voice of Teacher is deep and rich. What he says sounds very poetic. On the way returning here, Teacher repeatedly said to me, "Do you remember? Remember... Remember... Remember..." Then Teacher disappeared amidst strong lights. Teacher has a pile of contracts. They are the vows made by the practitioners before they voluntarily came down to the human world. They made the vows to the Lord of Buddhas - our Teacher. The contracts look like those silk imperial edicts with two sticks at the ends. All the things that we need to do during the Fa-rectification are recorded on our contracts, including sending forth righteous thoughts today. So all of it was predetermined.

We have different responsibilities during Fa-rectification. At the bottom of each contract, there is a larger size font and a blackened line that reads, "Keep the promises forever. Never break the vows." And practitioners who signed the contract would acquire enormous karma if they didn't join the Fa-rectification. That is because they would have deceived the universe's Lord with whom they signed the contract. The contract will remain valid through the end of Fa-rectification. Then the practitioners' names that shine with golden lights on the contracts will disappear.

There is a bottle with sand inside next to the pile of contracts. That is the hour-glass. Fa-rectification will end when all the sand is gone.