June 5th, 2001

[Minghui Net] With the progressing of the Fa-rectification, Teacher told us in his article "Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts Are Powerful" that "In fact, some disciples and sentient beings in different realms who are able to use their supernormal abilities in different dimensions have been using their supernormal abilities and gong potency (gongli) to take part in wiping out the evil beings that damage Dafa" and that "Actually, every Dafa disciple has abilities. It's just that the abilities do not manifest in the surface dimension, so they think that they don't have supernormal abilities. But regardless of whether they can manifest in the surface dimension or not, when a person's True Thoughts come forth, they are very powerful." Dafa practitioners closely follow Teacher's Fa-rectification, send forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil, and offer salvation to the people of the world and all sentient beings.

After Clearwisdom Net published the editorial articles "Send Forth Righteous Thoughts," "Send Forth Righteous Thoughts Again," and "Send Forth Righteous Thoughts for the Third Time, and Eradicate the Evil," Dafa practitioners all over the world joined efforts and sent forth the most determined righteous thoughts, effectively eradicating the evil within the Three Realms. At the same time, Clearwisdom Net also published some practitioners' experience-sharing articles that described what happened in other dimensions in Fa-rectification. Nonetheless, we should be sober-minded that these articles are not the Fa and cannot direct our cultivation, our behaviors and thoughts amidst Fa-rectification. All practitioners can only see what they are allowed to see. Even after they consummate their cultivation, what they see is only the manifestation of what they are allowed to see in their own realm and in the realms below their realm. Therefore, what one can see is very limited and cannot represent the truth of the universe.

We realize that we cannot forget our cultivation amidst Fa-rectification while eradicating the evil. We should keep in mind at every minute of our life that we are Dafa practitioners and we are cultivators. Eradicating the evil also includes ridding ourselves of everything in our minds that is not in accordance with the Fa; assisting Teacher in the human world also contains tests of whether we have the righteous conviction towards and righteous enlightment to the Fa. In the course of assisting Teacher in the human world and wiping out the evil within the Three Realms, we should remember to "Regard the Fa as Teacher," and gauge everything we encounter and every thought we have with the Fa. Only by doing so can we truly keep righteous thoughts and take every step well in any circumstances.

In the article "What Shanshan Saw in Other Dimensions (IV)," it reads, "I bombed out a lot of demons on World Falun Dafa Day. I fought with various weird life forms continuously and became very tired. Sometimes some gods passing by would also help me. One of them was a Taoist. He said he had to leave in a minute for other things and gave me a Fa-stick. He said a huge demon would come, and that the stick would jump out by itself and would fly to beat the demon on its own." Of course we know from subsequent articles about Shanshan that he later realized that he should not have accepted that Taoist's Fa-stick. The question is: Did readers realize the seriousness of the issue of "Being Constant in a Single Cultivation System" before the subsequent articles were published? In the complicated and urgent situation in which you "fought continuously," "felt tired," and "had passing-by gods offer help," could you still remember Teacher's words, "One day you may suddenly see a large, tall immortal. He gives you a few complimentary words and teaches you something. If you accept it, your gong will be messed up. Once you become delighted and accept him as your master, you will go with him." "Don't let your mind be disturbed when you see an enlightened person from another school of practice. Stay with only one school of practice. Whether it is a Buddha, a Tao, an immortal, or a demon, they should not move your heart. In conducting oneself this way, success is bound to be in sight." (Lecture Six in Zhuan Falun)

We also see words like this, "In the meantime, the Great Buddhas who were watching over us strengthened practitioners by supplying us with energy so we didn't feel tired and were able to continue sending out gong (energy)." (What Shanshan Saw in Other Dimensions (VII)) and "When I went back home in the evening, I felt a little bit tired so I decided to practice the fifth exercise to replenish my energy. Before I started practicing the exercise, I was thinking in my mind: I wish the Buddhas, Taos and Gods could help me." (Do it well, Do not slack off...) As Dafa practitioners, we should only be strengthened by our Teacher. Teacher said, "When Falun rotates clockwise, it can automatically absorb energy from the universe. Rotating counter-clockwise, it can give off energy. Inward (clockwise) rotation offers self-salvation while outward (counter-clockwise) rotation offers salvation to others--this is a feature of our practice." (Lecture Five in Zhuan Falun) Shall we ask the great Buddhas to strengthen us and replenish our energy? Shall we hope that "Buddhas, Taos, and Gods will strengthen us?"

Some practitioners also mentioned in their articles that they had been somewhere or seen someone while in dreams or in meditation. We think that we should be unmoved by whatever we see and we should not guess what kind of relationship we have with what we see. No matter where we go in dreams or in tranquility, we should always remember to come back. No matter in what kind of circumstance, we should always be aware that we are Dafa cultivators and we need to maintain a righteous mind.

Moreover, we should treasure the Fa that Teacher expounds to all sentient beings. We should calm down to study the Fa; otherwise we won't be able to comprehend the real meaning of the Fa, not to mention use the Fa to direct our cultivation and Fa-rectification. Someone told practitioners around him, "Cultivation in the Fa-rectification has come to an end. All that's left is Fa-rectification." We feel there is a big problem in this statement. It is very irresponsible to speak such words without regard to the time and circumstances. There are also people who treat all resistance and conflicts in clarifying the truth and spreading the Fa as evils to be eradicated, ignoring the importance of looking inside oneself and upgrading one's Xinxing. This mentality is very likely to be taken advantage of by the demons, and thus lead to the damage of Dafa's reputation. At this critical moment of Fa-rectification, we should maintain a calm mind, remove our attachments and bad notions, and eliminate external interference. Otherwise, our minds may be disturbed by the evil and we may even do things that undermine Fa-rectification.

As Teacher said, "At this great moment in history, every steady step is a glorious historical testimony, and is incomparably-great mighty virtue. All this will be recorded in the history of the cosmos. The great Fa and the great epoch are forging the greatest Enlightened Beings." (The Disciples' Greatness) Let us take every step well amidst Fa-rectification.


This article is very well written. It addresses specific issues, especially those under the current circumstances. I hope everyone is able to handle correctly what it has discussed.

Li Hongzhi
June 5th, 2001