"Go That Way!"

One day, some agressive police officers found a group of practitioners sharing cultivation experiences together in a town. One of the practitioners ran toward the river and was pursued by the policemen. The policemen asked the farmers working nearby to stop our practitioner, but the kind-hearted farmers didn't respond, so the police also viciously swore at the farmers. Seeing the practitioner had jumped into the water, the pursuers dared not follow him, and they could only watch as he swam across the river. Then they had to shout to farmers on the other side putting their cattle out to pasture, "Catch him!" The farmers went up to the practitioner and asked, "Who are you? What did you do?" "I'm a Falun Gong practitioner," he answered. Hearing this, the farmers immediately pointed for the practitioner to "Go that way!"

After our practitioner had walked a long way through the field, he sat down on the ground to take a rest and a farmer passed by. The practitioner's clothes were soaking wet. The farmer asked why he was like this. The practitioner told him, "I'm a Falun Gong practitioner. I was pursued by some bad policemen to this place." "I know you are all good people," the farmer said. "But it is unnecessary to get in trouble by fighting with them this way." The practitioner continued to explain to him, "Oh, we are not fighting with any one. We just want the people to know the truth so that they will distinguish between good and evil and be good people." The farmer totally agreed with him. While they chatted, the farmer led our practitioner to his home. He dried the practitioner's clothes and gave him a pair of shoes. When it was time to go, the farmer pointed out the direction our practitioner should go. So it was with the help of the kind farmers that the practitioner escaped from those menacing policemen.

"We Hate Jiang Zemin."

Recently, a practitioner in Heilongjiang Province went to a small village to distribute printed literature about Falun Dafa. When he passed by the yard of one farmer's family, he was seen and caught by them. They had mistaken him for a cattle thief.

With a pitchfork in one hand, the farmer seized the practitioner by the collar with his other hand and asked with a stern voice, "What are you doing here? Are you trying to steal our cattle?" "No, I am a good person," the practitioner said calmly. "I am here to bring you materials about the truth of Falun Gong." "I don't believe you," said the farmer, "do you have any evidence to prove you are not a thief?" The farmer was still suspicious. The practitioner immediately took out the materials he had tucked in his clothes. After his daughter took the materials inside and looked them over, the farmer was reassured that the man was not lying and then he changed his attitude toward the practitioner, "You can go. We misunderstood you. We will not find fault with you because we hate Jiang Zemin very much." The practitioner brought out more materials and kindly said to the farmer, "Read these and they will benefit your life forever." The farmer accepted them gladly.

"Maybe I'll Learn Falun Gong, Too, Someday."

A practitioner was detained by police, for validating Dafa. Upon his release, the head of a police station personally accompanied him home. At that time he said, "After a period of contact with you practitioners, I found that you are all good people. It looks that Falun Gong is right and Jiang Zemin is wrong. Maybe I will learn Falun Gong too someday."