[Minghui Net] A few days ago, a Falun Dafa practitioner hired me to build a house for him. While we were resting, I said some bad words about Falun Dafa, as I was deceived by the rumors and lies from the TV shows.

Then, this Dafa practitioner explained to me patiently that Falun Dafa is the Great Buddha Law and is the universal principle. And he told me that by saying bad words towards the Buddha Fa [universal principle] I would encounter retribution. At first, I didn't believe in immediate retribution until things started happening after I went back to work: my hand was stabbed by a nail a while later and my brand new axe cracked open while I was cutting a piece of wood. I realized that it must be because I had said bad words towards the Buddha Fa that I received the punishment.

I wrote down this note: these are all my sincere words. Please wake up and don't be deceived by rumors and lies any more. Please don't act the way I did before. Falun Dafa is a Great Buddha Law. Today, I realize that what the Dafa practitioners have done is really great. With this experience, I feel that I should stand up to support Dafa, to punish the bad and praise the good; and I want to join them in cultivation, too.