[Minghui Net] After studying Master's article, "Disciple's Righteous Thoughts are Powerful," whenever I read reports of the persecution in China, I send forth righteous thoughts so that those people in China who are harming practitioners will receive immediate retribution. Before I study the Fa, I also think about letting other practitioners in detention centers hear the Fa as well.

When we read Master's lecture at the 2001 Canada Dafa Conference, we also started to send forth righteous thoughts as a group before the daily practice. Later on, after I saw the "Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts" notice from Minghui, I began sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil whenever I could -- no matter whether I was walking or eating. Being overseas, I thought this was all I could really do in terms of using my divine powers to participate in Fa-Rectification. It was not until some time later that I realized how I had limited myself with human ways of thinking.

One day, I picked up a fellow practitioner in my car so we could go to the regular group practice in front of the Chinese Consulate. On our way there, she told me she made a wish to rip down a banner slandering Dafa that was tied to a fence near the Consulate. About a month ago, the most vicious ones in the Chinese Consulate had set up a tape recorder pointing towards us and played programs slandering Dafa repeatedly throughout the day. They had also made a banner slandering Dafa that was held up with two wooden sticks. We raised our banner to block the one put up by the Consulate, but unfortunately we weren't there 24 hours a day, so the Consulate's banner was giving off poison all the time. It seemed like there was nothing we could do about it, and the situation continued. Hearing what this fellow practitioner said, however, I suddenly woke up. We are sending forth righteous thoughts everyday to eliminate the evil within the Three Realms. But why do we feel helpless with the evil right next to us? And why did we not think of eliminating it with our righteous thoughts? When encountering problems, why didn't we face the situation with our divine side? We always remained trapped in our human ways of thinking, solving the problem with entirely with our human thinking. To put it plainly, we were refusing to step out of the limited awareness of our human mentality.

Upon arriving at the Consulate, I stood in front of the banner and sent forth a righteous thought for the banner to immediately break it just couldn't be allowed to give off poison any longer. At that moment, there was a strong gust of wind and I heard a sudden noise; it sounded like something had broken. A practitioner pointed to the banner and said, "Look everybody, it's been cut!" I turned and saw that the wooden stick, which was as thick as two fingers, had broken. The banner had fallen and was unreadable! I deeply felt the supreme power of Dafa and enlightened to the need to step out of limited human thinking as quickly as possible, facing everything with righteous thoughts. This banner could not stay there for long!

During another practice session in front of the Consulate, when I found out the same banner had been hung up again, I didn't hesitate to send forth righteous thoughts to have it removed--I thought that no one should ever be able to put it up again. That evening, as I drove past the Consulate on my way to group study, I saw that the banner was gone. Through this experience I enlightened to the fact that we should always regard ourselves as divine, using a God's way of thinking to consider all issues under all conditions.

Another time, when my printer broke while printing Teacher's new articles, I stopped and used my righteous thoughts to clear away any evil factors controlling the printer. After that, the printer began to work again. My new understanding is that whenever we run into problems or difficulties, we must first look inwards to examine our own Xinxing (mind, nature). If there are no problems, it should be considered as an evil force that is interfering, and righteous thoughts should be sent forth to eliminate it. Let us eliminate all the evil and take our last steps well in our cultivation within the Fa-Rectification.

These are only my personal understandings--any comments or corrections are most welcome.