June 14, 2001

[Minghui Net] On the morning of June 4, 2001, more than ten practitioners were taken away by the Shouguang police without any reason, when they were studying the Fa (Law and Principles) together in a practitioner's home in Majia Village (Shouguang city, Weifang area, Shandong Province). Some practitioners did not yield to the illegal request by the police, and refused to get in the van. Totally ignoring the criticism from the people gathered around, vicious policemen ripped off the practitioners' clothing and beat them brutally. These Dafa (Great Law and Principles) disciples were then forcibly brought to the Sunji Police Station and held outside under the hot, burning sun for an entire day. They were also cuffed and illegally interrogated and beaten cruelly. In the evening, all the practitioners were sent to the Shouguang Detention Center.

On the afternoon of June 6, 2001, Dafa practitioners brought their experiences of being arrested and detained illegally to the attention of the detention center officials, and requested to be released. The vicious police dragged them into the hallway, and beat them brutally, using metal batons with rubber coating. Afterwards, six of the practitioners were tied up to iron chairs, which were specially made for use torturing criminals. In the evening, those ruffians, headed by the detention center director and a police officer surnamed Wang, drank some wine and started another round of inhuman torture of these bound practitioners. Five or six police tortured one practitioner. They first slapped the practitioner in the face, then one of them grabbed the practitioner's arm hard and twisted it behind the back, while other police grabbed the hair or took turns beating the practitioner hard on the body or the legs with the rubber-coated metal batons. Moreover, they verbally abused the practitioners using filthy language. During the beating, three batons were cracked and the metal cores fell out. They replaced them with new batons and continued the beating. High-voltage electric batons were also used. Some practitioners became unconscious because of the torture, and the police poured cold water on them to revive them and then continued the torment. This cruel and inhuman torture lasted for three to four hours.

Among the practitioners was a woman in her 30's. Because she refused to comply with the illegal requests from the police, she was stripped of all clothing and beaten viciously. Her body turned dark purple and black and she passed out several times. After being revived with cold water, she was shocked with electric batons. The severe torture caused great pain, and her screams startled everyone detained in the detention center. Even so, the evil police would not stop, and one of them said sadistically, "We can simply move you people into the room and kill you all. And we can rape you one by one!" At that time, the young lady started to spit up blood. They ignored it and continued the cruel beating and the electric shocking. It was so vicious that they were like demons from hell. Afterwards, the practitioners were chained to the iron chairs for the entire night. That female practitioner, who was tortured the most, kept vomiting all night. By 5 or 6 o'clock in the morning, she lost consciousness, and no pulse could be detected. Even though, the officers said, "Don't' worry, she won't die." Later, they found her condition to be serious and they sent her to the People's Hospital at Shouguang, with plainclothes police guarding her closely. As of the afternoon of June 7, the young female practitioner was still in a life-threatening condition.

There was another female practitioner who was over 60 years old. She was also stripped naked by the police, and beaten to until she became unconscious. She lost control of her urine and they didn't send her to the hospital until she lost consciousness. They were afraid of taking the responsibility if she died, so in the afternoon they sent another two Falun Gong practitioners that had been beaten and severely injured to the Shouguang People's Hospital. On the other hand, they fabricated evidence and forced other Falun Gong practitioners and people in detention to testify that this elderly female practitioner had vomited blood before she was beaten. They forcefully made this false record for evidence to escape from the responsibility of their crimes.

It is already known that two Falun Gong practitioners have been beaten to death by the evil people at the Shouguang Detention Center. One of the victims is Wang Lanxiang, female, around 60 years old, from Majia Village, Sunjiaji Town of Shouguang City. Another dead practitioner's name is still unknown. It is not know whether two other Falun Gong practitioners' are dead or alive, and they are in imminent danger. At the same time, evil people spread the word saying that those two Falun Dafa practitioners that were beaten to death were starved to death. They also tried to tightly block this news and desperately searched for those Dafa practitioners who knew the truth of the situation.

Over the past two years, it is known that there are already 22 Falun Dafa practitioners who have been tortured to death in Weifang City. We hereby appeal to all kind-hearted people and to international human rights organizations around the world to pay close attention to the situation in Weifang and also to pay attention to Falun Dafa practitioners who are being suppressed by Jiang Zemin's evil political accomplices! Let's expose the evil together, completely eliminate the evil, and stop the persecution of Falun Dafa as soon as possible.

The Secretary of the XX Party Committee in Shouguang City: Xu Zhenxi, Tel: 86-536-526-1999, Cell: 86-13853663899.

The Mayor of Shouguang City: Liu Keqiang, Tel: 86-536-5256016.

The operator of police station: 86-536-5221108, 86-536-5221801.

The Deputy head of the police station: Zhang Dongliang, Tel: 86-536-5298002, 86-536-5298386, Beeper: 86-199-27736011, Cell: 86-13806364666.

The Deputy head of the police station: Yang Rongmao, Tel: 86-536-5298003, Beeper: 86-199-27736012, 86-536-5298388, Cell: 86-13906366319.

The supervising team: operator: 86-536-5221801.

The director of the supervising team: Song Jiansheng, Tel: 86-536-5289868, 86-536-5238977, Beeper: 86-199-27736997, Cell: 86-13606475997.