June 14, 2001

[Minghiu Net] Using as an excuse the politically sensitive date of "June 4," to prevent practitioners from going to appeal, ruffians in Sanhe City, Hebei Province, illegally arrested local Dafa practitioners.

At noon on June 1, Gao Guiyun, an employee of the Suburb Medical Center, went home after work. Li Wanqing, the president of the Suburb Medical Center, followed her home. Li then called about a dozen people from the Xunyang Town Government to break into Gao's home, arrest her, and force her into a van. Together with more than 10 other practitioners, Gao was sent to the Town Government. Gao did not passively accept unlawful punishment, and appealed by going on a hunger strike. Liu You and some other thugs then beat her brutally. The next day, Gao fell down, unconscious from the effects of the beating and the hunger strike. Seven or eight ruffians then grabbed her and attempted to force an intravenous injection into her, but they failed after Gao sent forth righteous thoughts to protect herself from further injury. Right at that moment, her husband came to visit her, and he was also threatened by these same thugs.

Wei Yuelian is a resident of Goubei village and a lady in her 50s. As she was sleeping, the police broke into her yard and smashed through her window. She was forcibly taken away even before she could put on some clothing. Her daughter was awakened by this brutality, and her husband, who opposed the illegal police action, was charged with "interfering with official business" and was also detained for a few days.

On May 30, police from Yangzhuang Town broke into the home of Liu Jie. The couple was not at home at the time; however, practitioner Wang Zhanqing was also living in Liu's home. Thus Wang was arrested and taken away by the police, brutally beaten, and illegally detained. The police also confiscated the practitioners' property, including a motor tricycle, a high-speed printer, etc.

Police from Liqizhuang Town went to Liqizhuang Village to arrest Dafa (Great Law and Principles) practitioner Li Xiumin, but she was not at home at the time. Li's husband protested the police's intentions to arrest people without just cause, and was then illegally detained. Their home was also searched, and their property was confiscated.

On June 1, about 6 or 7 policemen went to the home of Wang Keying. They asked a female employee from the Utilities Company to trick Wang into opening the door, using the excuse of checking the water meter. The police then went in and took Wang away. After three days of hunger strike, Wang was released.

A list of the crimes committed by Li Zongyi:

Li Zongyi, assistant secretary of Sanhe City XX Party Committee, is in charge of the 610 Office [an office specifically set up to deal with Falun Gong]. With only one eye, he is very inhuman, insidious, and vicious. He asked for a large amount of money from the practitioners by threatening to send them to labor camps if they didn't pay, if they wanted to be released after being detained in labor camps, or due to poor health after enduring hunger strikes. He once asked for 30,000 Yuan RMB [about 5 years' salary of an average worker in China] from a practitioner's family; otherwise, that practitioner would be sent to a labor camp for three years. Moreover, he has directed some police stations to arrest practitioners on many occasions.

His phone numbers:

86-316-3211960 (home)

86-13803163969 (cell)