Mr Kevin Gosper
Executive Member
International Olympic Committee
Level 5, Spring Street
Melbourne, 3000

CC. Mr. Juan Antonio Samaranch
President IOC

Dear Sir,

I am writing to express my deep concern over China's bid to host the Olympic Games in 2008. For me, the Olympics have always represented something so much more than sport. I have always known the games to be a wonderful and momentous event during which the entire world unites in the celebration of sharing and sportsmanship. The spirit of friendship and generosity are the words that can best describe what I have felt during each Olympic Games, from the time that I was a little girl, to the time that I spent in Sydney in the year 2000. Seeing the joy that the Games brought to my country, and experiencing the beauty of Sydney and the Australian people was truly heart warming.

Australia is a virtuous nation and hosting the Olympic games was a great gift to us, which we in turn gave back to the whole world. Hosting such an important event is not just about any one country, but the entire globe and all of its' people. The right to host the Games is a privilege, and it should only be granted to a nation that openly expresses the spirit of freedom and acceptance of all people and cultures. The moral dignity and ethics of the Olympics is sustained by the policy of anti-discrimination against any age, race, social class or spiritual belief. Sport, and the celebration of sport is a human right and the spirit of the Olympic games is the promotion of universal peace and humanity.

I have much fondness and appreciation for the Chinese people and for the ancient and mystical Chinese culture. I have no doubt that the land is filled with wonderful people who are very deserved of the honour of hosting the Olympic games, but nonetheless, I cannot overlook the countless atrocities committed by the Chinese government under the [party name omitted] regime. I believe that the very foundation for any kind of social morality or ethics has been completely undermined by the Jiang Zemin government's large-scale persecution on Falun Gong and religions. The party's vicious and brutal suppression of people's freedom of belief, and the inhumane treatment of innocent citizens is not only a breech of basic human rights, but is a source of shame for all humanity.

China's conduct is completely deviated from every aspect of the Olympic spirit and the horrible oppression of spiritual groups and ethnic minorities is a true reflection of the cruel heart of the Chinese President Jiang Zemin. From the Tibetans, to the practitioners of the peaceful Falun Gong movement, Jiang's image will forever be marked with the blood of all those who have suffered and died under his regime. His bid to host the Olympics bears an alarming resemblance to the 1936 "Nazi Olympics," where Hitler used the games as a mask to conceal his horrendous and heinous crimes, which only accelerated after the games' completion. Whenever a significant political date or large-scale event takes place in Beijing, hundreds, if not thousands of dissidents are arrested, detained or even killed to "purge" the city. President Jiang seeks the 2008 Games to legitimize his cruel dictatorship, which has suffered serious damage to its reputation due to his unlawful suppression of various groups. It would be an unspeakable shame to support China's bid, as it would not only indicate an acknowledgement of these crimes, but also an acceptance.

The Olympic Movement to celebrate human dignity and foster peace is truly righteous and inspiring. As a young Australian citizen, I am encouraged to know that there are such beautiful values being promoted in today's society. Awarding the Olympic Games to Beijing in 2008 would be a fundamental breech of the Olympic Mission and it would reward a cruel dictator with an international event of enormous prestige and significance. I appeal to you, to the compassion in your heart, in the name of the Olympic spirit and in the name of peace and humanity, please do not support this evil behaviour. Please do not support President Jiang Zemin's bid for the 2008 Olympic Games.

Kind Regards,


A concerned Australian citizen

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