[Minghui Net] In order to accelerate the persecution of Falun Gong, Jiang Zemin's gang of scoundrels, including Zeng Qinghong and Luo Gan, fabricated the "self-immolation" incident earlier this year. The news startled the whole world. Overseas Chinese communities, who had already been deceived and cheated by false propaganda of the evil persecution, became even more prejudiced against Dafa.

However, lies cannot be transformed into truth. They will inevitably be exposed. Here in North America, Falun Dafa practitioners downloaded the 10 minute self-immolation deconstruction video from Minghui Net and mass produced copies for free distribution. This has caused an enormously positive response.

After a store manager store saw the videotape, he was filled with indignation for Jiang Zemin's gang's vicious doings. From that time onward, he assumed the responsibility of clarifying the truth to his customers and preventing further destruction by the villains. He says, "No need to say it, but they killed that woman. They wrapped up the severely burnt people the same way they covered up their own evil acts." Many people have asked the storeowner to hold onto the video so that he may continue to clarify the truth in the future.

Practitioners have found that many people changed their attitude after watching the video. Many who were indifferent and had stayed away from Falun Dafa started paying attention. Many even took the initiative to discuss and find out more about practicing Falun Dafa for themselves. All this was made possible by exposing the truth about the so-called self-immolation incident. Some misinformed people who had been hostile to Falun Dafa in the past began to reexamine the evil suppression. They even visited Falun Dafa web sites to find out more. Afterwards many were happy for finally getting to know the truth. They even sent the videotapes to their relatives and friends. People's righteous minds are awakening.

A middle-aged lady who had just come from China was quite shocked after seeing the video. She said that after the self-immolation incident, all of a sudden people became hostile to Falun Gong. She said, "Learning the truth, many suspicions have been aroused about all those CCTV self-immolation videos that I saw in China. The people in power are simply evil and inhuman." She said that she would take the self-immolation deconstruction video back to China and reveal the truth about the deception to more people, thoroughly exposing the evil Jiang Zemin.