[Minghui Net]

The 16th World Book Fair was held from June 2-10 this year at the Singapore International Convention Center. With some two hundred exhibitors participating, it was the largest of its kind in Singapore. Apart from a large variety of books on display, mainly in Chinese and English, there were cultural shows and other activities as well, which drew thousands of local and overseas visitors. Through their hard work, Dafa practitioners in Singapore this year managed to secure a good stand at the exhibition. It was indeed a valuable opportunity to promote and nobly display Dafa books on a grand scale such as this.

On the walls, we put up three large posters of practitioners from various nationalities practicing. Banners showing "Falun Dafa," "Zhen Shan Ren" in Chinese and English were very attractive and eye catching. Opposite to the posters, we displayed pictures of our Teacher's exercise movements. On one corner of the stage was a large TV screen which continually showed the documentary "Falun Dafa in Taiwan" and the five-exercise movements. At the center front of the stand, all of Master's works were on display, including Zhuan Falun, Great Perfection Way, China Falun Gong and other lectures. Other language versions of Zhuan Falun were on display as well. Adding to the atmosphere was a continual stream of "Pudu" music from a tape recorder. To ensure success, all Dafa practitioners were encouraged to attend, and all participants were dressed smartly, smiling and welcoming the visitors as they approached our stand. Our presentation at this Book Fair has greatly enhanced our public image and acceptance.

Since the opening day, visitors flowed in without a break. Among them were many visiting artists from China, who were surprised to see the sign "Falun Dafa" boldly displayed. Some watched with interest the westerners practicing the exercises on the TV screen while others looked at the posters, or browsed through the Dafa books on display. Others talked to the stall attendants about the recent self-immolation incident and the legality of Dafa practice in Singapore. Some local residents even enrolled for the nine-day course at the stand. On seeing our banners, one visitor, who apparently had come from China, quickly dragged his friends over to our stand and said, "Look, it is legal to practice Falun Dafa here!" During this period, we were happy to meet so many friends, locally or from overseas, who have shown their trust and support for Dafa. At the same time, we felt sorry for those still deluded by the propaganda.

From talking to them, we now understand better how tragic the persecution is in China. For our part, there is still so much to be done: clarifying the truth to the public, assisting our Teacher in the Fa rectification, and at the same time giving support to the millions of people still undergoing persecution in China.