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My wife:

Seeing this letter is like seeing me. We have been apart for more than a year now. Although we briefly met twice at the labor camp, I couldn't tell you all that has happened to me, or the experiences I had after I left home. Now I'd like to briefly talk about them.

On May 9, 2000, I went to the County Square to do Falun Gong exercises. I was illegally arrested by force and sent to the No. 1 detention center of Bayan County. Later they sent me into a "labor cell." The inmates there knew that I practiced Falun Gong. They goaded me and asked if I still wanted to practice. I said "yes." They started to severely beat me with their shoes and also kicked me. As a result, my face and head were swollen, one of my ribs was broken and I could not turn my body. On the morning of May 10, another practitioner was sent to my cell. I was shocked, looking at him. His face was deformed from beatings, his eyes congested with blood. He could hardly walk but they still put shackles on his feet. There was a big hole in the clothes on his back from being dragged on the ground over a long distance. I asked the reason for his detention. He said the police told him that, since he wrote an appeal letter about Falun Gong, the central government sent someone to investigate him. Fearing that he would go to appeal, personnel from the police department put him into detention. At the detention center, the guards and some prisoners beat him viciously. He had three broken ribs and bladder incontinence. In this cell we helped each other every day to be able to turn over and get up from the bed. Even so, the inmates sometimes scolded us. Once the law enforcement section of the detention center interrogated me. After saying that I would continue to practice Falun Gong, I was sent back to the "labor cell," and the guard took an inmate out. After that inmate came back, he became fiercer towards me. He said the guard told him that for the stubborn guys like me, whom they can torture at will, as long as they leave me breathing, there is no limit to what he could do to me. Thus I understood how the inmates could be so fierce: it was because the guards directed and instigated them secretly. I became more steadfast in my righteous thoughts. I had given up regard for life and death long ago. I was upholding my belief with my life.

Three months later, I was illegally and by force sent to Yimianpo Labor Camp. The authorities in that labor camp brutally treated the practitioners who were not "reformed" (brainwashed toward Jiang Zemin's ideologies and away from Falun Dafa). They forced me to do hard labor that exceeded my physical strength. I had never done physical work before, but I tried hard and managed to endure. Because I refused to be "reformed," many times the head guards and training team leaders beat, scolded, and tortured me. On December 5, I was transferred to the Suihua Labor Camp. There is no forced labor there, but they do carry out more brutal persecution toward those who refuse to be "reformed." Two guards watched us day and night. We were ordered to sit facing the wall over 10 hours during the daytime. Four months have passed this way, and my 1-year forced labor term has expired. On May 8 I finished my term, but since I was not "reformed," my term was extended for another year. According to documents from China's Judiciary Department, the extended term should not exceed half of the original term, but this does not apply to Falun Gong practitioners. So there's no place to reason things out.

The above is a brief summary of my experiences during the past year. There is still a long way to go. I will use my life to compose "the glorious chapter of life." So, I hope that you don't worry about me any more. Take good care of our little one, and follow your path well.

Please pass my greetings to relatives, friends, and those who care for me. Do your best in all the things you should do.

Pu Zhen (pseudonym)

June 10, 2001

List of criminals:

Director of Bayan No. 1 detention center: Huang Chen

Deputy director of Bayan No. 1 Detention Center: Ren Dezun

Bayan No. 1 Detention Center: phone operator +86- 451-7521097

Bayan County police Department: phone operator +86-451-7521069; +86-451-7522805

Former director of Bayan County police Department: Cao Xuegui

Director of Bayan County police Department: Li Qingjiu