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When Zhu Yin became city mayor at the end of 2000, the authorities of Zhaodong City gave orders to search and arrest Falun Dafa practitioners on a large scale. Policies were made to implicate their families and relatives as well. Following are accounts of some of the families persecuted.

1. The Family of Liu Xiaoling

Liu Xiaoling's family lives in Wuzhan Town. All of the family members practice Falun Dafa -- her mother Ge Yahua, brother Liu Xiaofeng, and her sister-in-law Xiaofen.

Liu Xiaoling was 36 years old and single. She was detained for over 50 days after she appealed for Falun Dafa in 1999. She was also arrested during the Spring Festival of 2000 for practicing Falun Gong exercises outdoors. While detained at the center in Zhaodong City, she went on a hunger strike and subsequently died after being force-fed.

After Liu Xiaoling's death, Yang Mingqi, the murderer, was not prosecuted or punished. The family of the victim didn't receive any compensation. On the contrary, the persecution against them continued. The person who gave the order and was responsible for Liu Xiaoling's death was Wu Guozhi.

The death of Liu Xiaoling's caused the policemen to panic. They set free the women practitioners who had been on a hunger strike with Liu. However, Liu Li and Ms. Zhang had only been home for five or six days before they were detained again (the police said they were allowed to be home only for two days). They went on hunger strike again and were released after two days.

After the death of Liu Xiaoling, her parents went to the police station to ask for their daughter's body. The officers there refused to see them. Her mother was stricken by rage and she trembled uncontrollably. The policemen asked Dong Gang and his wife to take them away (Dong Gang was a policeman in charge of a residential area in Hongqi Police Station and his wife Teng Shulan worked in the registration office of residential permit in the same police station). Li De (from the Security Departmentl; he is a major figure in charge of the Falun Gong issue and the persecution) clamored to send the old couple to the detention center because they refused to be transformed and declared that Falun Dafa is good.

Ge Yahua is in her 60's. She was detained for over 50 days when she appealed for Falun Dafa in 1999. During the Spring Festival of 2000, she was arrested and detained for 5 months because she practiced the Falun Gong exercises. Only after a large sum of money was paid for bail was she released. When Zhu Yin became the new mayor of the city, Ge Yanhua was arrested again and sent to a labor camp.

Liu Xiaofeng was detained for five months for practicing Falun Gong exercises outdoors during the Spring Festival of 2000. He was released only after a large sum of money for bail was paid.

Xiaofen was detained for over 10 days for practicing Falun Gong exercises outdoors during the Spring Festival of 2000. At that time, she was five months pregnant and expecting twins. All of her family members were under detention, so she had to give birth to the babies alone.

2. The Family of Dong Peng

Dong Peng's family lives in Zhao Dong City -- his wife is Yu Libo, his father Dong Wanchun (practitioner), his mother Wu Qin (practitioner), his brother Dong Gang, and sister-in-law Teng Shulan.

Dong Peng is 30 years old. He went to appeal for Falun Dafa during the Spring Festival of 2000. The police submitted for him to be sent to a labor camp but the higher authorities did not approve it. Contrary to this he has been detained at the detention center of Zhao Dong City until now.

Yu Libo is 29, years old. She went, to appeal for Falun Dafa during the Spring Festival of 2000. She was five months pregnant at that time. She was arrested and had been detained for two months until her parents and parent-in-laws bailed her out (four people were required for the bail, it was over 1,000 Yuan, approximately two months' salary for a city worker). She now has no living resources. The police department, town offices, local police station, and the people in charge of the residential community often disturb her with phone calls or unexpected visits. She could be taken away at anytime. In the middle of May this year, her mother was in the hospital. Yang Yufeng, the commander of the police department, permitted her to go to her mother's home, but Wang Yanming, the political director in Hongqi Police Station, said maliciously, "So your mother is in the hospital. I do not permit you to go to her home, and you can't go see her either." The police department has made it clear that they will arrest her once her babies are weaned.

Dong Gang (Tel: 86-455-7702035) is a policeman in charge of a residential area in Hongqi Police Station and he is not a practitioner. His wife Teng Shulan works at the registration office of residential permits in the same police station. Whenever there is a key date relating to Falun Gong, on which the authorities fear there will be Falun Gong activities, the government office will send the couple home from their work to "transform" their family members. Dong Gang lost his title of "Excellent Party Member" because there are people in his family practicing Falun Dafa. Dong would lose his job, too, if Yu Libo, his sister-in-law, disappears from police surveillance. Currently whether Teng will be admitted as a Party Member depends on whether her parents-in-law (practitioners) are transformed.

Actually, Dong Gang and Teng Shulan are victims of the implication policy by President Jiang Zemin. Yet they vent their frustrations on their family members, forcing their parents and brother to be transformed. They also pressed their parents to drive Yu Libo away. Teng once said, "I'd rather let others live upstairs for free instead of having her stay there." "They want to practice? O. K. Just detain them for the rest of their lives so that they will complete their cultivation." Dong Gang has listened to the tapes of Falun Dafa lectures before. It is personal interests that have driven him against Dafa.

3. The Family of Zhang Zhiguo

The family of Zhang Zhiguo lives in Changwu; his wife is Gao Jingmei.

Zhang Zhiguo and Gao Jingmei have spent much of their time in prison since July 22, 1999. Currently it is the fifth time they have been imprisoned. Before May 1, 2001, the Police Station in Changwu once again forced practitioners to write letters separating themselves from Falun Dafa; the couple fled from home. Due to this, Zhang Zhiguo's sister, the principal of Honghe School, and Gao Jingmei's brother, an official of Changwu Commune, were removed from their posts. Zhang Zhiguo's sister reported the whereabouts of the couple to have them arrested.

According to some insiders, because Zhang Zhiguo warned Liu Weizhong, the deputy officer of the Political and Security Office, that there would be retribution in this lifetime, Liu, along with some guards, beat him severely. At present, Zhang Zhiguo is being detained in the "strict supervision" section. His wife, Gao Jingmei, was savagely beaten, too. They are both in a critical situation.

List of the persecutors:

  • Liu Weizhong, the deputy officer of the Political and Security Office
  • Li De, from Security Department, a major figure in the persecution of Falun Gong
  • Li Qingfu, Director of Fendou Police Station
  • Li Shoubai, Political Director of Fendou Police Station
  • Chu Xiangguo, Director of Hongqi Police Station
  • Wang Yanming, Political Director of Hongqi Police Station
  • Wang Jiqiu, Director of Changwu Police Station
  • Zhao Hongbo, Director of Xicheng Police Station
  • Wang Huanwen, Director of Dongcheng Police Station
  • Song Zhijie, Director of Zhengyang Police Station