June 9, 2001

[Minghui Net]

After Teacher's article "Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts Are Powerful" was published, it gave practitioners a significant boost on our path towards Consummation. Clearwisdom also published a series of articles describing the magnificent and glorious scenes of the Fa rectifying process in other dimensions as observed by many Dafa practitioners. We were all encouraged and inspired by them. I believe that "Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts" is eradicating evil beings from their root in the Three Realms during our continued and undivided cultivation amidst Fa-rectification. At the same time, it helps awaken and offers salvation to sentient beings in this world.

Righteous thoughts are powerful only when the main consciousness sends out exact and unambiguous commands

Regardless of how rampant and vicious evil beings are in the Three Realms, they cannot match even a twist of our Teacher's little finger. Teacher could easily wipe out these evil beings. Even though evil beings are still waging their atrocious acts, they are in fact opportunities arranged by Teacher for the ascent and salvation of Dafa practitioners and beings from various realms as a whole. In other words, whether or not evils exists or is destroyed is solely based on the uplifting of Dafa practitioner's Xinxing. When all Dafa practitioners rise as a group, the evils will self-destruct.

"Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts" and "Coming Forth with True Thoughts" are based on a deeper rational understanding of connotations within Dafa. If we cannot reach this requirement, then the "thoughts" generated will have a hard time reaching the high standard of truth and righteousness. Put differently, the scale of righteousness and truthfulness attained will be far lower. One practitioner recalled that during eliminating evil while asleep, he saw in his dream that his hands were holding the neck of an evil being. It showed a pitiful face and implored for his mercy. This practitioner could not bear to finish destroying the evil and decided to let it get out of his hands. Instantly, the evil transformed to a huge size and showed its vicious face. This practitioner regretted it very much afterwards upon awakening, and he finally understood the necessity of complete, total destruction of evil.

On a separate note, I feel that the right way of coming forth with true thoughts should be no different from our safeguarding the Fa by raising a banner at Tiananmen Square. We must have the courage to face all evils. We must also have resolute determination and faith in eliminating them - to the very extent of giving up all we have to exterminate evils in the Three Realms. When we indeed emanated such thoughts, several of us practitioners could hear a clear clap of thunder out of the blue sky. Other times when we sent righteous thoughts while bicycling, we could feel from the top of our head down through the whole body that righteous power was being emitted. I know in my heart that Teacher will strengthen me when I unequivocally come forth with righteous and true thoughts.

The power will be more overwhelming when we mobilize all forces to jointly participate in eradicating evil

Teacher stated in his article "Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts Are Powerful": "In fact, some disciples and sentient beings in different realms who are able to use their supernormal abilities in different dimensions have been using their supernormal abilities and gong potency (gongli) to take part in wiping out the evil beings that damage Dafa." Clearly, then, it is the duty of all sentient beings from different realms to eradicate evil beings. Doing so will also establish their future positions in the universe.

Therefore, when we are printing and distributing literature to clarify the truth and to expose the evil, we can selectively send some experience sharing articles from practitioners to people on a broader scale. The reason for this is to first let people know why Dafa practitioners can give up all they have and be determined to speak the truth - to let people know why they are continually stepping forward to validate Dafa in Tiananmen Square; second, by letting them get a glimpse of what Dafa practitioners see in other dimensions, people may gain a better understanding of Dafa from a different perspective. This also provides a broader outlook for people to see that "reward for kindness and retribution for evil" is truly the law of the universe. Additional accounts pertaining to experiences of sending forth righteous thoughts can also be distributed since they represent, to people in this world, opportunities of awakening.

In practice, the result has been quite good. We have also observed that some ordinary people might appear to be non-cultivating types, but they know Dafa is good and may require themselves to adhere to the principles of Dafa to some degree. They could also assimilate into the powerful torrent of Fa-rectification with Dafa practitioners. They (most were relatives of Dafa practitioners) distributed information pamphlets, posted truth-revealing papers, sprayed Dafa messages, and hung banners. Some Dafa practitioner's relatives would not hesitate at any opportunity to validate Dafa and expose the evil. They would be always on call from Dafa practitioners and proactively carry out these tasks.

Some "non-practitioners" who helped in Dafa activities would say, "I know Jiang Zemin and his followers are wicked to the core. I have to send forth righteous thoughts to eradicate them." There are many such sympathetic "non-practitioners" who have, together with Dafa practitioners, generated righteous thoughts with devotion and dedication. Everyone felt the results were exemplary. There is the saying, "One will die even without an illness when indicted by thousands of people." One can see that "Together we can move mountains" is also the law under certain, special circumstances. As some Dafa practitioners reach enlightenment, they should also help to bring along practitioners with slower advancement. Furthermore, by evoking more people to participate in eradicating evil, we are in fact awakening people by reaching more deeply inside them. Our Teacher's compassion and salvation will not be in vain if we can let more sentient beings obtain salvation.

Teacher has repeatedly reminded us to study Fa more frequently. By studying Fa more often and practicing the exercises with diligence, we are at the same time eliminating evil in the Three Realms. The Faluns installed inside us by Teacher are constantly rectifying all things which are improper, and of course, evils are constantly being eradicated. When all Dafa practitioners send out righteous thoughts as a group, it is indeed "the one with the Tao will receive abundant help" with boundless power. Let us judiciously send righteous thoughts, apply our mighty virtue endowed by our Teacher to break through the darkness before the dawn, and welcome the light of a new era!

The above is just my personal understanding provided for the reference and critique of my fellow practitioners.