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After the activities in Durban, the three of us went to Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa. Johannesburg is said to have a Chinese population of 100,000, and upon arrival we went to Chinatown. We told the owner of a store that we would like to introduce Falun Gong there. Surprisingly, the owner said, Why did you come so late? The Chinese government spread its propaganda here a long time ago. Many people do not understand you. It would have been better if you had come earlier! We were shocked to hear his remarks. Reflecting on our cultivation in the past few years, we feel there were just too many things that we should have done but did not do. We lacked understanding of Dafa and hearts for advancement in cultivation. Isn't this one of the reasons why the evil is so rampant? Master said, In the evil's damage, Chinese people have been the biggest victims (Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference). Our hearts ached whenever we read this. How many kind-hearted people both inside and outside of China were deceived by the lies?

Later, we contacted two major local Chinese newspapers and invited them to attend our workshop in Chinatown the next day. Since it was the first time for Falun Gong to be introduced in the Chinese community, the newspapers gladly accepted the invitation. That night, during the meditation, we deliberately reinforced our thoughts to eradicate the evil in the local area. The next day, the reporters from the two newspapers came again. After reading carefully the posters and interviewing two Chinese practitioners, they told us that they would put the reports in the newspaper soon. When we displayed the posters on the street, many people came out of stores to read them. We found that some of the Chinese people knew the truth of Dafa, and showed kindness and respect to us in the conversation. Some people immediately asked when the exercises would be taught. Many of them seemed predestined to attain the Fa. If we failed to widely spread the Fa, they would lose this great cultivation opportunity. If we could have introduced the Fa earlier to those who were pre-destined, they may have become a particle in the process of Fa rectification.

In addition to introducing Falun Gong, we presented a letter and Dafa materials to the office of the governor, as well as Dafa books and materials to former President Mandela's office. We also contacted universities and related agencies to schedule Dafa workshops.

Pretoria, the capital of South Africa, is 60 kilometers away from Johannesburg. We planned to take Dafa materials to the government officials in Pretoria. Upon arriving there, we went to the President's office. We presented a letter and some Dafa materials and expressed our wish to meet with officials in charge of Foreign Affairs. The secretary of the Foreign Minister told us that the Minister was busy that day and could not meet us. We were asked us to leave the materials and make an appointment. We were planning to leave that day, and it seemed we would not have the opportunity to meet with anyone in the department. We gave an employee some Dafa materials. He told us there was an official in the department who was in charge of China affairs and he could arrange a meeting for us. In ten minutes he appeared again, giving us the address and name of the official. He told us to go there immediately since the official was waiting for us.

We had an hour-long conversation with the official in charge of China affairs and his assistant. They apparently appreciated hearing a voice from the side of practitioners. It was our hope that they would understand what had truly happened to Falun Gong practitioners in China and that they could support us in stopping the human rights violations there. After learning the truth, a country, a government, or an individual can make his own decision, and therefore determine his future. As Dafa practitioners, we should provide the opportunity for them to know the truth.

When leaving the Foreign Affairs Department, we met some officials from the Chinese Embassy. We took this opportunity to clarify the truth to them as well as seized the chance to go to the Chinese Embassy and further explain the truth. As Dafa practitioners, no matter where we are, we should safeguard the Fa.

Addendum: South Africa will hold a big National Arts Festival Celebration. We have obtained permission to present activities to introduce Dafa there. However, we need some more practitioners to participate, and hope practitioners who have time will come over to help with the activity. The South Africa National Arts Festival Celebration will be held from June 28 to July 8.

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