[Television transcript]

MP Rob Anders:

This is a year to support a good cause - to support Falun Gong /Falun Dafa

The reason I do this is that I believe you should be free to practice without persecution, because I believe there are certain agreements that a government should not be able to violate. And I know all of you believe these things too. For those of you who have relatives back in the People's Republic of China and who have been persecuted for believing Falun Gong (Falun Dafa), you're ensured that I will do whatever I can for the cause and I ask you to stay vigilant and continue to do what you are doing. Eventually we will be able bring up the attention and the light and the scrutiny and... we will be able to change the course.

Thank you so much for what you have been doing and keep on.

Thank you.

Clifford Lincoln (Chairman of Canadian Heritage Committee) :

Good afternoon. I applaud you in continuing to uphold the spirit of freedom that makes us what we are. Free to learn what we want to learn, to speak what we want to speak, to share joy with others in a free society in the way that we choose ourselves. I think they are wonderful expressions, wonderful examples of freedom of thought, free of assembly, freedom of action as individuals, as a group, as Falun Dafa.

So I applaud you and come here to you with my colleague from the parliament of Canada to express on these grounds that symbolize freedom of assembly and freedom of thought and freedom of action. I am here today to join my colleagues in telling you that we are with you, we support what you do and to extend a hand of friendship. And I hope what you do here today will send a message back to those in China that Canada allows assembly in this way that you are doing it here today.

All the best to you today and tomorrow. We are with you in friendship and support.