[Minghui Net] Since April 25, 1999, many Dafa practitioners, who were students or teachers at Jilin University, have been under police surveillance and had their phones tapped. After July 22, 1999, several instructors and students were detained, punished, forced to give up their belief, and/or sent to labor camps because they had appealed to the government. The following is a small part of what I have heard. I would like to reveal these cases in order to expose the evil, ask people both inside China and abroad to help those practitioners who keep their faith while facing tribulations, and help put an end to the vicious persecution by Jiang Zemin and his accomplices.

Song Li, female, graduate student in the Archeology Department

Gong Manning, female, graduate student at the Northeast Asia Research Center

On the evening of May 16, 2001, two practitioners were distributing materials to reveal the truth near the Jilin Province Party School when security guards saw them and sent them to a nearby police station. Police then separated them. Song was imprisoned in an iron cage. In the evening of that day, she escaped from the police station and left the university immediately to avoid further persecution. Gong was later transferred to Chaoyang Police Station in Changchun City. As of now, she is detained in the Tiebei Prison, the most vicious prison in Changchun. No one is allowed to visit her, and there are no basic supplies for daily living. Gong went on hunger strike to protest their illegal detention and abuse. She has been on hunger strike for 9 days as of May 25, 2001.

Wu Yueping, male, professor of Philosophy and Sociology Institute, director of a teaching and research group

He was arrested before May 1, 2001 when he was distributing flyers revealing the truth. He was sent to a labor camp for a one-year term. When police took him to search his home, his family members saw blood on his clothes. There is no detailed information about where he is detained.

Wang Hui, male, young assistant professor of the Mathematics Department

He was sent to a labor camp in 1999 because he had appealed. Later, he was released to receive medical treatment for acute nephritis. In the year 2000, he was arrested again when he was safeguarding Dafa in Tiananmen Square. Now he is detained at Fenjin Town Labor Camp in Changchun City. No one is allowed to visit him. The vicious police had handcuffed him to an iron door and shocked him with four electric batons. At the end of 2000, Wang was beaten to the point of severe injury and hospitalized at Jilin University Hospital. After seeing his condition, some doctors recognized the viciousness of the persecution toward Dafa practitioners and began to understand and sympathize with Dafa practitioners.