A divine Falun descends on practitioners during the Tet parade (January 28, 2001) in San Jose, California.

May 1, 2001

Each year, most of the Vietnamese communities overseas celebrate their Spring Festivities during the weekend. The celebrations are good opportunities for family reunions and gatherings of friends to welcome Tet (the Lunar New Year), and enjoy traditional Vietnamese foods.

Nearly all the Vietnamese families, including parents, children, relatives, young and old, in Santa Clara and neighboring areas attended the Tet Celebration.

This year (January 28-29, 2001), Tet was celebrated in downtown San Jose. It consisted of two parts: the Spring Festivals in downtown San Jose (January 27-28) and a parade (January 28) on the main boulevards in San Jose.

Falun Gong practitioners had registered in both programs for the first time in these joyful events.

Two booths had been installed to help us introduce Dafa to the Vietnamese overseas. Starting early in the morning, hundreds of Falun Gong practitioners, all neatly dressed, headed to the two booths reserved for Falun Gong. Two posters were displayed high with the words "Falun Dafa" and "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance" in Vietnamese. Also shown were pictures introducing Dafa, and telling the truth about Dafa and about the persecution in China. Dafa music "Pudu" and "Jishi" were played. Videotapes of the five exercises also were shown. Falun Gong practitioners took turns demonstrating the exercise movements.

Three practitioners who could speak Vietnamese talked about Falun Gong to the Vietnamese audience. There were people who expressed their sympathy for our fellow practitioners being brutally beaten and tortured in China. There were also people who participated right on the spot to learn the exercises. We really didn't expect that so much attention would be paid to Falun Dafa! Many people received Falun Dafa materials. One lady even returned to collect three additional packages, saying that she needed to give them to her friends to read. We noticed that none of our materials were seen being thrown away! We were able to distribute more than 1200 packages (materials translated into Vietnamese) in just two days. It was really good, but we felt a little bit guilty for being unable to introduce Dafa to the Vietnamese Community earlier.

In the parade on January 28, we had our float for the Vietnamese viewers. All Vietnamese groups, including the Vietnamese Language School, the Martial Arts School, and all branches of the former Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces joyfully marched in the parade. Falun Gong teams in yellow shirts with red stripes were among those groups. Our Falun flag was in front, followed by banners in Chinese, English, and Vietnamese. Following the banners, Falun Dafa practitioners marched, demonstrating the beautiful, slow movements. We were applauded the most. The master of ceremony also made complimentary comments about us.

The greatest joy for us was that we were unknowingly visited by an invisible divine Falun. According to the photographers and film developer, the pictures taken during the parade showed a divine Falun that descended and landed on the Falun Flag, then embraced all Dafa disciples before it disappeared in the air. The Falun could not be seen at the moment the pictures were taken.