NEW YORK, May 23 (FDI) As anticipated by our April 26 statement, the Chinese government provided a carefully staged "media tour" of Masanjia Labor Reeducation Camp this week.

The tour journalists were given fits an ominous pattern of deception and denial. Consider recent history. According to the Communist regime, no one was executed for failing to toe the party line during the Cultural Revolution. According to the regime, no students were killed in Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989. And now, according to the regime, no Falun Gong practitioners have been tortured in Masanjia Labor Reeducation Camp.

The Nazi government of World War II-era Germany staged show tours of concentration camps in order to deflect growing scrutiny. That same government hosted the 1936 Olympic Games to bend world opinion its way. Now, just a few decades later, we see Jiang Zemin's government putting on a similar show in the labor camp system. Meanwhile, China has stopped at nothing to win the 2008 Olympics bid. Jiang Zemin realizes that the Games would, like an effective show tour of the camps, lend his brutal regime the legitimacy it seeks. We should know better by now.

Interviews with practitioners tortured in Chinese labor camps and detention facilities are available upon request.

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