At the end of the year 2000, some fellow practitioners and I went to Tiananmen Square to validate Dafa, to clarify the truth and to unfold banners to the world. As a result, 4 or 5 policemen in Tiananmen Square beat us down to the ground and dragged us into a police wagon. They sent us to the Tiananmen Square Police Substation, and then to the Miyun Detention Center. The following is what I saw and heard in this detention center, and some thoughts on it.

On that afternoon, about 80 people were sent to the Miyun Detention Center. It was cloudy and cold. We were forced to sit on the cement floor in the courtyard. There were more than 20 policemen and plain-clothes watching us. A little girl from the south who was thinly clad said, "This floor is so cold. How can we sit on it?" She had hardly finished her words, when two plainclothes policemen beat her up and shouted, "If you do not want to sit, you have to come out." One fellow practitioner spoke out, "Stop beating people. Why are the policemen beating people?" She was also kicked and beaten up by two plainclothes policemen. Later, the policemen dragged those two into the next cell.

What followed was that they tried to sew number labels on our clothes, and took pictures and fingerprints. When it came to my turn, since I refused to cooperate with them, one plainclothes policeman in a yellow jacket and one in a black jacket came up to slap me. They seized my head by the hair and slammed it against the wall. When they saw that I still refused to take the pictures, several other policemen in their uniforms came over to beat me. The policemen in the yellow jacket swung his arm to beat me on the left side of my face. After I felt a big buzz, I felt all the sounds around me suddenly became lower. I thought my left eardrum might have been broken (it is ok now). Some of them held both my arms. After they forced me to take the picture, they dragged me to another room to record my fingerprints. At the same time they tried hard to open my fist. I went all out to hold my fingers and thumbs so that they could not open it. They sent me to the next cell.

On the cement floor in the room, there was a wooden board. On this wooden board there lied 3 people, whose arms and legs were fixed onto the wooden board. In this room, they beat me up more viciously, especially the policeman in the yellow jacket. He cursed when he beat us. They seized my head by the hair and bumped it into the wall. I felt that my head was swollen and I could not open my eyes. The sky and the earth were rotating. They cursed while they were beating us up. The curses were really disgusting. Immediately another two policemen in uniforms came over. The four of them dragged me down to the cement floor. They used a three-edged leather belt to slap me on my leg. At this moment, another three fellow practitioners shouted: "Stop beating. Suffocate the evilness. " They began to slap my mouth.

After a while, another two policemen came up to take my fingerprints. I refused determinedly. They came to the point of breaking my fingers. I shouted: "My fingers are almost broken. I did not commit any crime, why do you force me to record my fingerprints?" They have to leave after they could not succeed in opening my fist. I do not know how long it had passed. They loosened me. When I looked around, I found there were only the policemen and me left in the room. They brought me to the front courtyard for interrogation. During the interrogation, I asked them, "Why did the policemen beat us?" The policemen who interrogated me answered, "It was not the policemen who were beating you. It was the prisoners who were in the backyard beating you." Is it true? Among those who were beating me, there were clearly some policemen in their uniforms. Is it true that the prisoners can put on the policeman uniforms and beat people?

Since they did not get my name and address, they locked me up in the detention center. The moment you arrived, you had to take off your shoes and step barefoot on the ice-cold cement floor. Then they stripped off all your clothes, and cut off your bras. The policemen searched our clothes all over. There was no heat in the room. It was very cold and we were all shivering. The policemen did not allow us to put on our clothes until they finished searching, and they forbid us from putting on our shoes.

I was sent barefoot to a cell. There were more than 30 people sitting on the bed board. They were all Dafa practitioners. Some came earlier, some arrived that day. It was almost 11:00 pm, but we could not lie down to sleep. There were so many people that we could not lie down to sleep. There were no blankets. The room was wet and cold, so we all squeezed together and shared experiences.

We found later that there were some fellow practitioners who were sent to the criminal police station to be interrogated. The policemen there forced them either to sit on the snow-covered ground barefooted or buckled them to a big tree or cement pole. Some were stripped of their overcoats and kept frozen. If they did not tell their names and addresses, they would be shocked by the electric batons or kept on the electric beds. A girl from northeast China was shocked down to the ground by the electric batons. She was again beaten up and cold water was poured all over her body. Her situation was too terrible to look at. A fellow practitioner who came earlier said there was a female practitioner who was in her thirties in the next cell. The other day when there were 4 or 5 policemen interrogating her, they ordered her to take off her clothes. They kept ordering her to take her clothes off until it came to her underwear. The policemen touched her all over her body. They smiled licentiously when they touched her body All people said the policemen here were just like animals and beasts.

A Dafa practitioner from Jilin said there were evil policemen all over the country. In one of their cities, last spring, the policemen detained Dafa practitioners in the detention center. They did not allow them to do the exercises. One midnight, because of doing the exercises, there were 8 female practitioners who were stripped of their coats until they had only their underwear. The policemen used plastic pipes to beat them for more than 2 hours. Even those who were menstruating were not allowed to go. After the practitioners were beaten and bruised all over their body, they were thrown onto the snow-covered ground. At four o'clock in the morning, it was below minus 20 degrees Celsius; without overcoats, two Dafa practitioners were frozen and lost consciousness. The policeman did not allow the others to take them into the room. One policeman shouted, "It really does not matter if two of them were beaten to death. We have a quota for 3 deaths in one year." In only this city, there were more than 100 Dafa practitioners who were sentenced to forced labor. And there were 2 fellow practitioners who were tortured to death in a labor camp.

One fellow practitioner from Shandong Province told us her experiences in Huailou. On October 26, 2000, she was arrested in Tiananmen Square and was locked up in Beijing Huailou Detention Center. There was an iron bed board, without a quilt. There was no heat, and it was very cold in October in Beijing. They could only sit on the ice-cold iron board. There was not toilet paper for the women who were menstruating. Their blood could only drip along their trouser legs. Another fellow practitioner took off her own underwear and gave it to her. It was wet through all over after a little while. She could only use the cold water pipe to clean it, dry it and use it again. When she sat on the iron board, it was wet all over.

There was a female practitioner from Shandong province who was in her 20s. She brought a 10-month old baby with her. When they were taken back by the Shandong local office stationed in Beijing, she was beaten to death. Even the 10-month old baby could not escape the death. When her family was told that she jumped from a building and committed suicide, her mother went to collect the corpses. There was no bruise marks from jumping. Instead there were big dents on the top of their heads, which were left after being beaten by the heavy object.

A Dafa practitioner from Xinjiang was sent to the detention center because he insisted on practising the exercises. One month later, he was locked up in the psychiatric hospital for 2 months.

One practitioner from Liaoning said during the Spring Festival, the policemen in Shenyang, Jinzhou, Tianjin were afraid that Dafa practitioner would go to Beijing to appeal, so they arrested some practitioners from home and sent them to detention centers or labor camps to spend their Spring Festival. A female practitioner was doing chores at home before the Spring Festival. A policeman came in and asked her to go with him. When she refused, this policeman brought in another 3 to 4 policemen and dragged her from her home on the 4th floor to force her into the police wagon and locked her up in the detention center. When she questioned the policemen why they arrested people? Whether they still had their conscious? The policemen said, " I have no other choice. If I have my conscious, who will support my wife and children?" What he meant was that: If I did not arrest you, I have to be fired. They arrested people as they liked and also extorted money from the practitioners. They informed the family to pay money in hundreds and thousands Yuan RMB. In some places, the practitioners have to pay more than 10 thousands Yuan. Otherwise they would not set the practitioners free. What is the difference between this and kidnapping by gangsters? The only difference is that they are dressed in policemen's uniforms. They are kidnapping "legally."

Falun Dafa practitioners were arrested, beaten, sentenced to forced labor, sentenced to imprisonment and beaten to death, only because they insisted in their belief in "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance." Where on earth is the law? Where on earth are human rights?

Falun Dafa Practitioners from China