Greetings Master!

We write to express our gratitude -- a gratitude that penetrates to the core of our being -- for your gift of Falun Buddha Law to humankind, your gift of salvation. On this human plane, you have overcome countless hardships, never with regret, to impart this mighty Fa. On the other side, you have born utterly inconceivable suffering in your rectification of the entire cosmos.

The mercy is indescribable, the splendor impossible to fathom.

Only our hearts from time to time seem to understand it, when tears come forth as we study your Fa or think of your immense compassion. But our human minds cannot even imagine all that you have done.

We vow to use all our might to fulfill our mission to assist you in this world, rectifying the Fa and eliminating all evil. May we and all Dafa disciples be worthy of the arrangements you made for us eons ago.

Thank you Great Master!

--A married Western couple