The Special Administrative Region authorities were pressured into taking coercive measures against Falun Dafa practitioners during Jiang Zemin's visit to Hong Kong. It has, no doubt, clouded the "one country, two systems" policy in an unprecedented manner. This event, however, has made more kind-hearted Hong Kong citizens, the basic-level police and the government officials position themselves in the future. I realized it after I heard about some fellow practitioners' various experiences during the peaceful protest, and I was deeply moved by the Teacher's benevolence. Now I have a deeper understanding of why the Teacher said that (approximate meaning, not exact words) every time they sabotage Dafa, they actually spread Dafa instead. These vicious people do not realize this. In fact, everything is under the Teacher's control. The following are several interesting stories. 1. According to practitioners, who were displaying the photos at the Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Pier, the police were extremely nervous the day before Jiang Zemin arrived. A high-ranking police officer unexpectedly came to persuade the practitioners to take the photos down. This practitioner has kept a close relationship with the local police. He always lets the police know in advance whenever they would hold activities, and the local police there trust him. The practitioner said to this high-ranking police officer, "We have been displaying photos here all along. We have obeyed all the requirements that you have put forward. We abide by the law, and are polite too. We are very careful to avoid interfering with traffic or to cause any trouble to the citizens. Why do you make us leave?" This police officer hastened to say, "That's true. Falun Gong practitioners are really good in this respect." However, he still insisted on taking the display posters down. The practitioner felt his pressure, and said, "We have been displaying the photos here all along, and nobody has ever come to intervene. Why do you ask us to take them down? Is it because Jiang Zemin is coming?" The police officer found it hard to shake the practitioner, and said, "I need to ask about it." The practitioner watched him talk on his cellular phone, and then the officer walked away. When the practitioner met this police officer again, he waved to the practitioner, saying with a smile, "It's nothing, never mind! You have freedom of belief and speech!" 2. During the group practice in Tsim Sha Tsui on the morning of May 8, a foreign high-ranking supervisor had been watching the practitioners nearby. When a practitioner was photographing the practice scene, that supervisor came over and said to him in Cantonese, "Your bag is so pretty." Our practitioner then had a chat with him. He voluntarily introduced himself to the practitioner, and also praised a practitioner, whom he knew for his politeness. He said, "I really don't understand why the authorities treat you in this way." He shook his head while repeating it several times. He seemed to feel sympathy for the practitioners' condition. The practitioner asked him, "If the authorities ask you to attack Falun Gong, what are you going to do?" He shook his head again, "No, no, it could not happen. We are neutral, and cannot treat you like that!" That practitioner was very happy, and asked him, "But if your boss asks you to, what are you going to do? You have to obey the order, right?" He answered resolutely, "It absolutely could not happen. Even for those who really violate the law, we cannot abuse them!" 3. On the same day, the practitioners, who practiced the exercises in Hong Kong Park, saw two policemen watching practitioners, from the beginning to the end, for several hours. When the practice ended, they asked, "Why are your movements for males and females opposite?" The practitioners were very happy, and knew that they would like to know more about Falun Gong, rather than keep surveillance on them. Then the practitioners spread Dafa to them. They also asked several questions. They said, "You are unlucky to be born at such a time!" They, out of good will, suggested the practitioners spread Dafa secretly, and maintain their strength. The practitioners smiled. It is everyday people's idea, yet it's out of good will. They have positioned themselves in the future. 4. When practicing the exercises outside Xinhua News Agency on the afternoon of May 8, the practitioners had a chat with a policeman. The policeman said, "Our task is to keep an equilibrium and protect the interests of both practitioners and citizens. We have the responsibility to protect the citizens' interests from being infringed upon, and protect you from being harassed as well." He then sincerely made a suggestion, "As long as you don't affect the citizens, we'll not take action against you." Another practitioner said, "The police here are very nice and kind." They cracked an understanding smile at the practitioners. 5. A practitioner in charge of taking pictures carefully observed the police in various places that day. He said, "Every time they carried out a task, they always wanted to talk to the practitioners and know more about Falun Gong, and the number of the police there became less and less." He continued, "That is how it should be. Our area is always peaceful, and our practitioners only appeal peacefully. After each gathering, the ground is left very clean. There was no garbage left in the area at all! The police bore this in mind. Though they came to carry out the task, they knew the situation fairly well in their hearts!" The more reckless the suppression, the louder the voice of support of Falun Gong. This time, the police department employed 3,000 police to protect Jiang Zemin. All the demonstrators were kept out of sight from the forum participants. Some participants remarked that the Hong Kong government was overly concerned with them hearing the protesting voices. The media constantly reported that many Falun Dafa practitioners were refused entry although the immigration department denied the "blacklist." Dafa practitioners protested peacefully, as well as scholars protesting the suppression of the freedoms of belief and speech. All are actually disclosing the evil and clarifying the truth. There was a stark contrast in what Jiang Zemin asserted in his speech, as reported in the media, "Hong Kong residents enjoy full freedom and more democratic rights than ever before" compared with the current truth. It has made more people clearly see Jiang Zemin's hypocritical face. Thank you, Teacher. This is good fortune for the Hong Kong people. A Falun Dafa practitioner from Hong Kong May 9, 2001