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[Changchun, Jilin Province] Falun Dafa Practitioners Go Out to Validate Falun Dafa Collectively

On April 30 (the eighth day of the fourth lunar month), with cultivators' great benevolence, the Falun Dafa practitioners in Changchun silently presented Teacher a gift with their actions. They clarified the truth to people using various means. Some practitioners went to Tiananmen Square to peacefully petition for Falun Gong; some prepared to go out to do group exercises. Even more fellow practitioners clarified the truth by hanging loudspeakers in some main streets and small lanes; others displayed Dafa-promoting characters, wrote Dafa-promoting characters with chalk, or hung banners, posted truth-clarifying literature, and distributed flyers and CDs.

Some practitioners placed 3 loudspeakers in the neighborhood near Heizuizi Female Labor Camp, broadcasting, at different scheduled times, the Teacher's new articles and the programs of World Falun Dafa Radio Station. On the walls and the roads in the vicinity of the labor camp, many signs, painted in red and yellow, were posted, stating "Those who persecute Falun Gong must receive retribution for their evil-doing," "Falun Dafa is good," "The Fa rectifies the universe," "Restore the innocence of Falun Dafa," and so on. Very striking banners in red and yellow, with the words "Stop the crackdown on Falun Gong," were also hung; some were hung on the trees, and some were hung on an iron tower which is thirty to forty meters tall.

Practitioners stuffed mailboxes with multitudinous types of literature that clarifies the truth: Xeroxed materials, mimeographs, steel engravings, handwritten materials on carbon copying paper, others drawn with various kinds of pens. The contents included not only the articles on Minghui Net, but also the experiences handwritten by practitioners who benefited from Falun Dafa, as well as some poetry compiled by the practitioners themselves. In preparing and distributing the materials, many fellow practitioners worked day and night. One family's four generations (the oldest family member is 93 years old) worked with concerted effort together. Some practitioners distributed the materials jointly, while others distributed the materials individually. Once, just after two fellow practitioners turned a corner, they saw two elderly persons in their sixties or seventies throwing up some banners, trying again and again to lodge them in the high branches of a tree. Finally they succeeded. In distributing the materials, many fellow practitioners found that some other fellow practitioners had just placed, posted or hung Dafa-promoting literature there, and thus they became even more inspired and motivated.

Because these fellow practitioners were constantly upgrading their Xinxing [mind nature, mind quality] through unceasingly studying the Fa [the great law], especially studying the Teacher's new articles, every one of them was very calm and confident in the process of validating Dafa. Police vehicles frequently passed by, but the Falun Dafa practitioners felt like they could not be touched by anyone, and so placed, posted, and hung Dafa-promoting materials skillfully and smoothly. In the end, everybody returned safely.

The police department and some other functional departments did not recess on May 1st. They dispatched manpower everywhere to look for the posted materials in order to smear and destroy them. Although a lot of the materials in streets did not last long, they nevertheless acted to combat the evil. Some people started to awaken to the truth. Some have begun to ask for the Falun Dafa materials regularly. Some people said: "What the major newspapers say are all false. What your flyers say are all true. I will read all of your material."

[China] Validate Falun Dafa in a Strong and Well-Disciplined Way

In a city in northeast China, after being released from a labor camp, a Falun Dafa practitioner made great improvement in his Xinxing through studying the Fa and then he validated Dafa in a strong and well-disciplined way without any personal attachments. He lives on the sixth floor of a building. One day he posted large Chinese characters which read "Falun Dafa is righteous Fa" outside his window. The policemen from the local police station knocked on his door; but this fellow practitioner did not cooperate with the police and did not open the door. Afterwards the policemen from police station threatened him, saying that they would break into the room if he did not open the door. He said righteously and sternly, "If you continue to violate the law while enforcing the law, I will continue to defend myself. My actions are justified." Because he was fearless when facing these illegal actions, he was able to stop them. Finally, the police called in a fire engine, set up a ladder outside, and tore off the large Chinese characters, causing an uproar among neighborhood residents.

[Hejian, Hebei Province] Chinese Youth Publishing House Pollutes the Minds of Youth

In Hejian City, Hebei Province, some elementary and middle schools requested that students purchase a book entitled "Refute [slanderous words omitted]" published by Chinese Youth Publishing House. They required that every two students purchase one copy of this book. This book has 121 pages and is priced at 5 Yuan RMB. The content is centered around the self-immolation incident on Tiananmen Square but distorted the story with many fabricated "facts." It also quoted Falun Dafa out of context to "refute" it and thereby attacked Falun Gong. This book ended with a slanderous article and interview of He Zuoxiu, who was motivated politically rather than by any academic achievement. Some schools have replaced the students' manual workshop classes with classes to study this "textbook." Because the book contains vicious attacks on Dafa, some pupils reported that they felt afraid as soon as they started to read it.

Falun Dafa is a treasure of science and of culture. It cannot be tolerated for it to be trampled like this! It is the sorrow of our Chinese people's hope of future, i.e., our youth has had their minds polluted like this. People with kind hearts and a sense of justice and, please awaken and together resist this kind of behavior.

[Fuyu County, Jilin Province] Vicious Local Officials Illegally Deprives Falun Dafa Practitioners of Land

We are farmers from a town in Fuyu County, Jilin Province. On July 22, 2000, we went to Beijing to appeal. After we came back, the vicious local officials deprived us of our 15 Mu (2.5 Acre) land under the excuse of paying fine of 5,000 Yuan RMB [about US $600, approximately 2.5-year income for an average rural worker] imposed on us. Before the New Year 2001, some vicious police came to my home and took my husband away forcibly to attend a "transformation class." Over 3 months have passed and the local police substation has not informed me where my husband is. Since I am a registered resident at my parent's area, the officials forced my father (teacher of an elementary school), my uncle (an employee of the local government), and the principal of the elementary school to guarantee with their jobs that I would not go to Beijing to appeal again. The illegal action of the local police substation forced my family to live on a string. Five members of my family from an 85 year-old grandfather to a 3 year-old grandson now rely on 3-Mu land (less than one acre) to survive. We hope all kind people will pay attention to our difficult situation.

[Guan County, Shandong Province] Criminal Offenses of Vicious Local Officials in Persecution of Falun Dafa Practitioners

1. One day in October 2000, Falun Dafa practitioner Zhang Qiaohua was escorted from a detention center to an illegal "transformation class." When she got out of the car, she heard Li Bolin, the secretary of Politics and Law Committee, swearing at the Teacher. She kindly said to Li, "Please don't do that. It is not good for you." But Li became very angry at her and shouted, "Ah, How dare you warn me! I'll send you back to the detention center or a labor camp immediately. I will escort you to Jinan City in person." Thus, practitioner Zhang was sent to a labor camp. A happy family was broken and her young child has to be taken care of by her elderly parents.

This had a considerable impact among the prison guards of the detention center. They were astonished to see that practitioner Zhang was escorted back again shortly after release. Whose jail is it? How can such a local official overrule the law?

2. At the beginning of this year, some officials of Qingshui Town searched practitioner Sun Xiuying's home and found some Falun Dafa books and materials. So they took her away forcibly to the town government. The secretary of the town [party name omitted] party committee ordered the thugs to beat practitioner Sun Xiuying, resulting in bruises on Sun's face and back, and swelling of her eyelids. Because of his vicious persecution against Falun Gong, Li Baolin was promoted to work at the county government.

3. In January 2001(lunar calendar), Chen Yuezhi from Political Security Department, County Police Station led a group of people carrying a box of books to practitioner Cui Yuezhi's home. They scattered the books around the house. Then they stepped out, knocked on the door again and entered the house to search for the books while recording with a camcorder. Police Officer Chen said that it was just to "make up shots" (to deceive people and higher level authorities).

A contemporary retribution:

In year 2000, during a meeting, the vice secretary of county [party name omitted] party committee Kong Fanying ordered to have Falun Dafa practitioners' homes ransacked. When he stepped out of the door after the meeting, he had a fall and broke his leg. He was hospitalized.

[Dongguang County, Hebei Province] Falun Dafa Practitioners Are Illegally Sentenced to Jails and Labor Camps

Falun Dafa practitioners Cao Shouyan, male, 46 years old, is a resident of Dacao Village, Zhaowang Town, Dongguang County, Hebei Province. He was an accountant of Buying and Selling Cotton-Related Machinery Factory of Hebei Province. On the New Year's Day of 2001, he went to Beijing to appeal and was arrested. He was illegally detained for over 4 months before sentenced to a 3-year term of jail.

In addition, more than ten Falun Dafa practitioners from Dongguang County including Xu Shucheng, Wang Fengzhi, Cui Xiufeng, Zhao Xiurong, Cheng Huijun, Xu Wenli, Ma Zhixin, Wu Haiyun, and Li Yuecai were sentenced to 1-3 years of forced labor.

[Jimo City, Shandong Province] Account of Persecution of Falun Dafa Practitioners

Falun Dafa practitioner Wang Qingmei (female) is from Nanquan Town, Jimo City. On November 1999, the local police illegally detained her for half a month because she went to Beijing to make an appeal for the release of innocent Falun Dafa practitioners. On June 2000, she was again illegally detained for half a month for going to Beijing to appeal. After her release, she returned home from the local police substation. However, her freedom would be short-lived, as the police feared that she would continue to appeal. Hence, the police took her away in broad daylight and escorted her to Qingdao, where she was illegally detained for a full month without any legal hearing. On November 2000, despite the threat of another jail term, she once again went to Beijing to appeal. Due to the persecution of the local police and officials, she was forced to abandon her home and became destitute. As a result, her family suffered a great loss and was broken. Even so, the police often went to her home to harass her family's peaceful life.

Rong Aiping was illegally detained for half a month for going to Beijing to appeal in November 1999, and illegally detained for half a month in July 2000 after being intercepted by police while on his way to Beijing to appeal. Rong again went to Beijing to appeal on November 2000. Currently, Rong was forced to leave home and is unable to unite with her family. The local police often went to Rong's home to harass her family.

Wang Shuxiang was sentenced to 3 years of forced labor education for going to Beijing to appeal on November 2000.

Jiang Xiuzhi was sentenced to 3 years of forced labor education for going to Beijing to appeal on November 2000.

Rong Caiying was sentenced to 3 years of forced labor education for going to Beijing to appeal on November 2000.

These three Falun Dafa practitioners suffered unbearable pains from inhuman torture at the labor camp. The vicious officials in the local government forced their family members to send money to the labor camp every month for their living expenses.

Falun Dafa practitioner Liu Yuzhen (female), from Tongji District was illegally detained for half a month for going to Beijing to appeal on January 2000 (lunar calendar). After she was released, the village committee stopped the supply of cooking oil and food grain to her family in an attempt to force her to stop practicing Falun Gong. Even her 8-year-old child could not escape such injustices and was frequently harassed at school. On October 2000, the local officials forcibly took her away from home and detained her for half a month without any apparent reason. This year the village committee members went to her home and forced her to write a guarantee letter to stop practicing Falun Gong. She was forced to leave home simply because she persisted in clarifying the truth and refused to write the so-called "guarantee letter." No one knows her whereabouts. During this period, police and the village committee often harassed her family. Her family has no income and has many difficulties to manage daily life.

[Jilin City, Jilin Province] Criminal Offenses of Jilin Forced Labor Camp in Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners

Shuang Xiling Forced Labor Camp, Jilin City, persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners by transferring groups of them to other camps; physical and mental torture were part of the planned arrangements. Beginning April 2001, the camp transferred dozens of Falun Dafa practitioners including Liu Hongwei and Jiang Guilin to labor camps in Toghua, Liaoyuan, and other locations to further aggravate the persecution.

In order to fulfill Jiang Zemin and his accomplice's assignment of "transforming" Falun Dafa practitioners, Jilin City officials attempted to "transform" practitioners who were determined in practicing Falun Gong. To persecute the practitioners, the camp assigned criminal prisoners as group leaders, who beat and swore at the practitioners. The prison guards tortured the practitioners by shocking them with electric batons and depriving them of sleep. Another form of torture was to force practitioners to sit cross-legged with half of their bottom on ground and the other part suspended. They were also forced to sit on one another (one sat cross-legged and another sat on his legs). This was severely painful. The prison guards also forced the practitioners to sit on hard wood boards one by one in line with the front one sitting on the legs of the one behind, and did not allow them to move, go to restroom or speak. After a long time sitting (over ten hours a day), some practitioners could no longer endure this kind of physical torture and were "transformed" by force. At the same time, the middle brigade leader Han Jing forced the practitioners to sit longer until midnight and get up at 3:00 in the morning. Policeman Han also tortured them physically with handcuffs, electric batons, and wood clubs with many protruding parts. The middle brigade leader Xu Xuequan from No. 2 brigade led prison guards to cuff a group of practitioners on a bed, one by one the guards sat on top of the practitioners to shock their faces and sensitive parts until they agreed to break away from Falun Dafa. Some practitioners were shocked for three hours long resulting in many bruises on their faces and necks. This led to some of their faces becoming deformed from the excessive abuse. Five prison guards with electric batons shocked the practitioners at the same time until they agreed to stop practicing Falun Gong. Under constant threat, intimidation, and physical torture, some practitioners wrote guarantee letters and statements, promising to stop practicing Falun Dafa. This was obviously done against their true will, it was only because the torture was too severe to bear that they made those statements. In their hearts they still believe Falun Dafa is good and righteous. We hope all kind-hearted people will pay attention to the criminal offenses committed at the Jilin City Forced Labor Camp in persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. In this way we can assure future generations the wonderful opportunity to practice Falun Dafa's fundamental principles of Truth, Compassion, and Forbearance.

[Changchun, Jilin Province] Chaoyanggou Labor Camp Detains Falun Dafa Practitioners and Extends Terms of Detention

Officials of Jincheng Sub-Bureau of Changchun Public Security Bureau (i.e. the Public Security Department of Changchun No. 1 Motor Vehicle Plant) arrested Falun Dafa practitioner Zhuang Xiankun at his work place in February 2000. On a fabricated charge, they first sent him to a detention center and then to Chaoyanggou Labor Camp of Changchun City. He was illegally sentenced to one year of forced labor re-education. Conditions in the labor camp were terrible. The prisoners beat and abused him. He suffered all kinds of inhumane tortures. However, Zhuang never stopped cultivating Falun Dafa. His firm belief in Dafa was unshakable. Due to his unyielding attitude, the labor camp refused to allow his family members to visit him. They could not send him any clothes for the change of seasons. Thus he had to wear cotton-padded clothing in midsummer. The officials of the labor camp feared that his refusal to stop cultivating Dafa would affect the reformation of other practitioners. So they found an excuse to transfer him to Fenjin Labor Camp of Changchun City. When his forced labor term expired in February 2001, Zhuang was transferred back to Chaoyanggou Labor Camp. The officials illegally extended the term of his detention because he refused to write anything renouncing Dafa or "breaking from Falun Dafa," etc. His detention term has been arbitrarily extended for over 2 months. To this day he is still at the labor camp.

It is a common for the guards and prisoners of Chaoyanggou Labor Camp to torture and beat up Dafa practitioners. Many Dafa practitioners detained there have been tortured to death.

(The Chief of Chaoyanggou Labor Camp is Wang Yanwei.)

[Xianyang, Shanxi Province] Falun Dafa Practitioners Are Illegally Sent to Mental Hospitals

Shen Shuhong, a female Falun Dafa practitioner from Xianyang City, Shanxi Province, is over 30 years old. She went to Beijing to appeal in 2000. She was illegally detained and sent to a labor camp for clarifying the truth of Falun Dafa. Then they sent her to a mental hospital and where she was brutally tortured. Her condition is very serious. We hope all kind-hearted people will pay close attention to this matter.

The Criminal: Gao Fan, the chief of the Political Security Section of Weicheng Sub-bureau of Xianyang Public Security Bureau.

[Shenyang, Liaoning Province] Masanjia Labor Camp Is Being Expanded

According to recent news from a government department of Liaoning Province, Liaoning Masanjia Labor Camp is being expanded. Jiang Zemin's criminal clique invested tens of millions of Yuan RMB; the money people earned through hard labor. They plan to make it a base for tyrannizing and torturing Dafa practitioners. All kind-hearted people at home or abroad, please pay attention to this matter.

[Hebei Province] Detention Centers Double the Persecution of Falun Dafa Practitioners

According to inside sources, Jiang Zemin's criminal clique recently requested that all the detention centers in China must meet a 50% reformation quota. If they do not, the chiefs of the detention centers will be fired. Officials at the detention centers in Handan and Shijiazhuang realized that practitioners rectified the environment after staying in a ward for a long period of time. So they had the practitioners change wards. Officials of Handan Detention Center even incited the "actual" criminals to use wooden stools and other objects to beat practitioners. Practitioners' buttocks were very badly bruised from the beatings. Some practitioners were tortured even more brutally.

[Changchun, Jilin Province] Recently, Falun Dafa practitioners from Changchun City, Including Guo Youlin, Zhang Jiezi, Shi Shujie and Yu Lei, Were Arrested.