Jiang Zemin's criminal gang has held various types of so-called "reforming classes" and "study sessions" in order to force Falun Gong practitioners to renounce their practice. In the past, the "reforming" techniques in these "classes" and "sessions" have been comprised mainly of physical and mental tortures. After these techniques failed, the persecutors changed their strategy to hypocritical tactics that focus on attacking the practitioners' minds. However, behind these hypocritical methods there is the ferocity of demons.

1. Seeing through the Hypocrites

Currently, the Public Security Bureau and the Political Legal Committee in many cities of China are sending practitioners from their regions in groups to the so-called "study sessions" to undergo "educational reform." They can't send them to labor camps due to lack of evidence. These administrators appear to be very gentle and "politely" register the practitioners into hotels. They speak pleasantly and even send people to keep them company and look after their needs, although their real purpose in doing so is to monitor the practitioners. Doctors visit every morning and ask how the practitioners are feeling. The authorities even provide the room and board without charging money. Then they ask the practitioners, "How have we been treating you? We don't make you suffer, do we? Actually, we care a lot about you, and we respect human rights." If one believes them, then they have succeeded in covering up the crimes they are committing. Luckily everyone has read stories from grammar school like "Mr. Nice and Wolf " (Mr. Nice was moved by the begging of a hungry wolf and allowed the wolf to advance in his demands. Finally the wolf ate Mr. Nice) and "Mrs. Farm and the Snake" (Mrs. Farm had sympathy towards a frozen poisonous snake. She warmed it back to life and it killed her).

Our Teacher has told us in his article "Determination and Solidity," "Why can't you handle yourself properly once you see those hypocritical, so-called 'higher beings' talking to you? Can they have you complete cultivation? Why don't you think about it? Why did they ignore you before you learned Dafa? Why do they become so concerned about you after you have learned Dafa?" No matter how nice they are to Falun Gong practitioners, they are all hypocrites. Their aim is to have us give up Falun Dafa, which is to sabotage Falun Dafa at its root. If they fell genuinely benevolent toward Falun Dafa practitioners, why don't they allow us to practice our cultivation and be good people? If they truly care about Dafa practitioners, why have they sent so many innocent practitioners to labor camps and prisons, and even tortured so many to death?

2. Laying Bare the Lies

The vile people that intend to sabotage Dafa will confine the practitioners individually in the "study sessions." Their purpose is to prevent practitioners from sharing experiences with one another, which would result in a very powerful environment of Fa-rectification. Under these circumstances, the practitioners' remaining attachments interfere and cause indecisiveness. During these times, the hypocritical police and political officers come and say, "Look, most of your fellow practitioners have changed their minds and given up practicing Falun Gong. Only the stubborn ones like you have not given up. But don't worry; it's ok if you cannot change your mind right away. Give it some time, you will get it gradually." Do not believe these wordsthey are lying! They want you to lose confidence in yourself and lose faith in Dafa. When they say that they hope you will "get it gradually," what they actually have in mind is to "eliminate [the practitioners] as soon as possible." They are using a psychological trick. We, as Falun Dafa practitioners, have obtained Dafa and are close to consummation. How can we be fooled by these tricks? In fact, as long as we always keep a sober mind, it is not difficult to lay bare the vicious lies.

3. Clarifying the Truth and Exposing the Evil to the People Doing the "Reforming" Work

Among those non-practitioners who have been in contact with us in the "study sessions," some have become more and more sober-minded and some may even be people destined to learn Falun Dafa. As Falun Dafa practitioners, we want to take every possible opportunity to clarify the truth to people and spread Falun Dafa. By taking the initiative to change the hearts of ordinary people, we are also offering them salvation. We are not passively suffering the pains of confinement. We are taking this precious opportunity to open people's hearts and to suffocate the evil. In this way, we are not "guests" in the "study sessions;" rather, we are hosts to those who try to reform us. Just as Teacher says, "A great Arhat in the world, Spirits and ghosts fear the most." (from Hongyin) When an ordinary person's vicious ideas are cleared away, they will respect the magnificent practitioners of Falun Dafa.

Above are some of my understandings from my Fa-studying and cultivation. Please be so kind as to point out anything that is inappropriate.

A Falun Gong practitioner from Mainland China

April 12, 2001