TWO PRACTITIONERS PLUNGE TO THEIR DEATHS DURING POLICE RAID BEIJING (FDI) - Sources say two Falun Gong practitioners have fallen from a seventh-story window during a police attack in the northern province of Changchun. They have been identified as Mr. Liu Lei and Mrs. Tian of the Changchun Developmental District. Reports say on the day of the event, a group of nine practitioners had gathered indoors to put together flyers and other materials regarding the persecution of Falun Gong when 30 or 40 police smashed the locks, forced open the door, and broke into the room. Five of the practitioners had bags put over their heads and the police pummeled them with steel bars, leather belts, electric batons and other weapons, beating them until they fell unconscious. Liu Lei and Tian's wife fell to their deaths from the seventh floor window during this incident. The other seven people, Wang Hungxiang, Xiao Jingyu, Zhang Jian, Jia Shenlin, Bai Mingxu, Huang Lijuan, and Ms. Sun were taken into detention.


Internal Sources Reveal New Plans to Stage Phony Interviews In Labor Camps and Detention Facilities NEW YORK (FDI) - As part of its propaganda war to discredit Falun Gong, the Chinese government is planning to orchestrate staged tours of detention facilities where they will invite the press to interview "reformed" Falun Gong practitioners. Falun Gong is calling on the world media to not allow themselves to be used as pawns by Chinese state propagandists. "We have obtained leaked information from inside China indicating that The Masanjia labor camp in Liaoning Province is among other facilities being readied to receive foreign and Chinese media to 'interview' selected Falun Gong Practitioners," reveals Gail Rachlin, spokesperson for the Falun Dafa Information Center. "This whole exercise smacks of Nazi show tours of a Czech Concentration camp in the 1930's which was turned into a movie set to mislead the world. We fear the same thing may be happening again. "We urge Chinese journalists of conscience and western reporters not to be used in this charade." "Sources inside China tell us that already jailed practitioners have been removed from the camp to secret locations and replaced with so-called 'reformed' practitioners who have in most cases been tortured to renounce their spiritual practice. According to another reliable source, the Masanjia labor camp has been using 'reformed' former Falun Gong practitioners as agents to establish a tightly controlled spy network. These networks have been employed by the Public Security and National Security Bureaus." "These sources reported, in a communique just smuggled out of China, 'This is a shameless plot in order to mislead the world media and cover up the camp's atrocity of brutal torture and abuse against Falun Gong practitioners. It is a plot intended to erase the camp's infamous record, and to turn it into a political resource.'" "We are also told that a woman named Su Jing will lead the 'reception committee' for visiting journalists." Human rights groups have confirmed a pervasive pattern of torture inside Chinese prisons. 191 Falun Gong practitioners have died and thousands more have suffered torture and abuse while in state custody. Informants inside Chinese jails face death and must remain anonymous. á

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