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This is a story related by a nine-year-old girl to her mother about what she saw when she was reading Zhuan Falun.

(Note: On 20 August 2000, Meimei experienced her first karma dissolution [a body-purification process which practitioners go through during cultivation practice]. While reading Zhuan Falun that evening, her celestial eye opened. She saw an array of golden colored lights emitting from its pages and innumerable images of Buddhas, Daos and Gods appearing as well. Even some of the punctuation marks appeared as such. The lotus flower printed on the back cover of the Chinese version of Zhuan Falun was also intriguingly pretty.)

As I watched the Teacher's photograph, I noticed that his hair had turned into clusters of golden brown. There was a large multi-colored halo around his head. This halo was unusually large and elongated, and it covered the whole head. It was composed of a full spectrum of colors: red, orange, yellow and green, including blue and indigo. I noticed that a very deep brown colored ring was embedded, and particularly radiant. The Teacher's coat was also brown in color, but the shirt underneath was golden yellow, more so towards the center.

Almost every punctuation mark in the book appeared as a figure of a Buddha, or in the image of a Bodhisattva. It seemed that on every page, there was at least one small Bodhisattva among the figures, and the rest appeared as little figures of Buddhas. Some figures were standing, some were sitting crossed legged, while the others were displaying hand gestures, uniformly and in perfect synchronization. One figure that bore the image of Guan Yin (Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva) was clad in white. She was holding a small vase in her hand and seemed to be floating about in mid-air. Standing beside her was a little Buddha, and the two appeared to be talking to each other. While her hands appeared to be moving with such gracefulness, the little Buddha was displaying small hand gestures at the same time. A small black comma, separating the two, had now turned white. Catching my attention was a huge Buddha sitting among them. He was displaying the big lotus hand gestures. Something that looked like tiny balls on his head, I supposed, was just his curly hair. All other punctuation marks remained as punctuation marks.

All the characters on the book were emitting a very strong, bright light. The intensity of the light emitted varied from character to character, and from page to page. I tried to count the brighter ones, but there were so many of them that I could not count them all. Some characters gave out golden light, while others were silvery. Comparatively, more characters gave out golden than silver colored lights. Some characters emitted a grade of pale yellow as well, but these were fewer.

All the words in the book were shimmering in gold. Even the spaces between characters were glistening, giving one the feeling of looking at a display of gold nuggets. In particular, the two characters "Cai Qi"(Gathering Qi) were brighter than others, whereas the four characters "Zou Huo Ru Mo"(Cultivation Insanity) were yellowish. The two words "Wu Shu"(Martial arts) were pale yellow, but the words "Qi Gong" were bright golden yellow. Therefore, some appeared golden, some more silvery, some yellow, and some pale yellow. The word "Wu"(enlightenment) was extremely pretty, and the light emitted had a very high intensity. The whole book, in fact, was shining.

Some of the characters in the book appeared as small Falun(s) and were rotating very fast. The Falun(s) were rotating in synch, sometimes one way and sometimes another. The rotations could be in reverse as well. The little Taiji symbols were rotating as well, sometimes one way, and sometimes another. Normally, the color of the Falun appeared as golden yellow. But, the color changed while rotating as well, sometimes to blue, sometimes to pink, and sometimes to brown. It could also turn silver, yellow, red or green. The colors changed when there was a change of direction.

The title "Zhuan Falun" on the front cover appeared as golden yellow but the name of Teacher Li seemed to get bigger and bigger. When I focused on it again, it suddenly disappeared, leaving the words "Zhuan Falun" behind. Then, I noticed that even the book cover had disappeared.

On the back cover of the book, the lotus flower was giving off an extremely brilliant light. I noticed that the leaf appeared especially large--even larger than the flower itself. The flower was pink in color and was dazzling, like the sun. The lotus root was growing around the flower. I was surprised to see one small piece of root growing in a direction different from the others. There was another piece going upwards, getting taller than the flower itself. Why was it hanging in mid-air, with no support underneath? There was water beneath the flower, shimmering like the twinkling stars.

Sometimes a character in the book could appear very big--even bigger than our house. The book itself was a universe, without a boundary. I then walked further away from the book to take another look. The further I went, the bigger the size of the character became. Do you know how large Teacher Li appeared? Both my mother and me put together could not match the size to one of his body cells. One body cell alone of the Teacher was already larger than our apartment, larger than our 16-story building, larger than this city, larger than the world, larger than this universe, larger than the largest universe, even larger than the largest of the largest universe. I just cannot explain how big our Teacher was.

I could also see that the tiny hairs on my mother's hand and her body were also shimmering with golden light, like the characters in the book, just not as bright. Below the layer of hair it was empty. A careful look showed that the golden light was somewhat like burning tongues of fire that could fly in formation, layer by layer.

The cultivation stories of Meimei to her mother ended here.

April 5, 2001