As the Teacher's Fa-rectification progresses, my mind is gradually becoming clearer and clearer from lessons and experiences in cultivation.

I remember one night I went out with a fellow practitioner and saw that the painted poster of "Falun Dafa is Good" was scraped off the phone booth and some bad words had been written below it. After seeing this, I felt that the person who did this was just pitiful and told the other practitioner to take a look. Without a word, this practitioner immediately cleaned off those bad words one by one with his fingers. I blushed. Why didn't I think of removing that which slandered Dafa? I lagged behind. Master Li told us "Accomplishing thus is cultivating" ("Solidly Cultivating" in Hong Yin). When I shared experiences with practitioners, I spoke with grand words. However, when I really encountered a problem, why couldn't I treat it with a clear mind?

All those things happening around me were definitely not accidental. I appeared to have a clear understanding of the Fa, but it was not really clear in my heart. Master said, "Whether you're in China or outside of China, how you perform is the same; there's just the same difference in whether you step forward or aren't able to step forward, and how much effort you give to this matter of Fa-rectification." (Master Li Hongzhi's Lecture at the Great Lakes Conference in North America). I realized that the so-called stepping forward was not about physically stepping forward. More importantly, it was about whether one could truly put one's whole heart in the Fa and step out of one's human consciousness.

Master also told us in "Beyond the Limits of Forbearance": "With Forbearance, one can give up everything for Truth." Looking at myself, I found that my muddle-headedness was rooted in the attachments inside me. I thought I could have given up everything for the truth (Falun Dafa), but that was not the enlightenment I gained from the Fa, it was something driven by human consciousness--a kind of sentimentality towards the Fa. After the above realization, I felt my heart was closer to the Fa and I was able to break through the shell that kept me puzzled for such a long time. I began using a higher standard for myself. Whenever and wherever I was, I wouldn't allow anything to suppress the Fa and I wouldn't leave any loopholes for the evil forces. I'll completely dissolve into the great current of Fa-rectification.

Another day I passed by a blackboard covered with slogans slandering Dafa; I would not let this defamation continue. After I discussed it with some other practitioners, we scraped off the slogans; a boundless compassion filled my heart. I felt how important it is to be compassionate and offer salvation to others. There was no more hatred and fierce thoughts toward those viciousness beings that I used to have. When we were erasing the slogans, a fellow practitioner burst into tears.

In the practice that morning, three practitioners saw the same scene: the sun we hadn't seen for many days broke through the mist and dark clouds illuminating the earth and revealing the blue sky.

Practitioner from Mainland China

March 21, 2001