[ Minghui net ] The Chongqing Maojiashan female labor camp has illegally imprisoned more than 100 female Falun Gong practitioners. In order to transform them, this labor camp uses many methods that expose its evil nature, including the following:

  1. Hypocritical deceit. On the surface, it may seem like they are trying to benefit the practitioners, but in fact, their methods hypocritically cheat practitioners by trying to make them give up their righteous faith in Falun Dafa.
  2. Using illegal methods to transform practitioners, without concern for the consequences of their behavior.

The following examples reveal the facts:

1) The guards use those people who have already been "reformed" to deceive determined practitioners with twisted reasoning. They send firmly cultivating practitioners to the 1st squadron, where the reformed people stay, and tell them they can exchange their experiences. Then the "transformed" people gather around a practitioner and take turns instilling her with their incorrect understandings. Using this deception, they have been able to "transform" some firmly cultivating practitioners. Practitioners who cannot be moved are not allowed to return to their original squadron, or have any contact with other firmly cultivating practitioners.

2) One time, the labor camp rounded up Falun Gong practitioners for a "transformation mobilization meeting." During this meeting, two labor camp guards tightly surrounded every firmly cultivating practitioner, sitting closely on each side. Whenever a practitioner said, "Falun Dafa is good!" the labor camp personnel would immediately hold her down and tightly cover her mouth with their hands. After the meeting, two practitioners shouted loudly, "Falun Dafa is the great law of the universe!" These two were immediately silenced: they were gagged and put into a small room. Any practitioner who persists in practicing is also forcefully silenced and put into a small room.

3) At another such meeting, a labor camp guard said, "In order to transform you well, I worked very hard for a long time. Why don't you show your appreciation? You only need to write down the ' three letters ' ( guilt letter, repentance letter, guarantee certificate) as a formality, then you may leave here." Some practitioners got confused by this kind of hypocritical deceit, and wrote the so-called "three letters." One student woke up soon after writing the letters. She tried to get them back, but this labor camp guard tried to stop her with more evil arguments. Using confusing messages, he tried to sway the practitioner's righteous faith by saying "You are no longer a practitioner of Falun Dafa. Even if you get back the 'three letters,' your Master will not accept you as his student." After seeing that the practitioner was not moved by his words, he began to say more hypocritical things aimed at deceiving this practitioner. When she was still unmoved by his words, he became cruel and growled, "Go away!" This labor camp does not show any respect for people, nor does it release the statements of solemn and determined practice declared by these Falun Dafa practitioners.

4) If a practitioner copies short articles written by Teacher Li, practices the exercises, or does not write the so-called "three letters," those responsible for "looking after" this person will lose privileges, and their terms of confinement at the labor camp will be increased. This way, the authorities create conflicts between inmates to achieve their evil goals. For instance, one practitioner was very determined in his practice. The camp director and guards surrounded this practitioner every day from morning to evening, using intense persuasion to transform her. Seeing that she did not waver, they arranged for some so-called "transformed" people to instill their evil thoughts into her. Still, this practitioner continued to practice Dafa firmly, despite their intense pressure. Then the director found a "transformed" youth, whom this practitioner had previously known and cared for, to carry on the hypocritical deceit. This youth said to the practitioner, "You are my elder and teacher, my good mother. Practitioners are always suppose to consider others first. If my life were in danger, would you come to save me under any circumstances?" The practitioner was momentarily swayed and said, "I am willing to save you in any circumstances." The youth then said, "Because you are not transformed, and have refused to write the 'three letters,' we all must suffer. We have lost some privileges, and our labor camp terms will be extended. Couldn't you write one of the 'three letters' for us?" At this time, the practitioner failed to enlighten to the truth, and she wrote the so-called "three letters." But several days later, she realized that she had done wrong.

5) Practitioners who do not write the "three letters" and are not transformed are punished with a torture called "forced standing." For example, one practitioner who resisted all transformation efforts was forced to stand on the dam every day from six o'clock in the morning until 12 o'clock at night without relief. She was guarded at all times, and was not allowed to speak, recite scriptures, and so on. She was tortured this way continuously until her sentence expired on November 3rd, 2000. Still, she was not transformed. Then without any legal proceedings whatsoever, the labor camp informed this practitioner that her term would be extended another six months. Presently, this practitioner is still in the labor camp. There are many cases of illegal extensions of labor camp time if practitioners are not transformed.

6) One time, a labor bureau chief from Beijing came to the labor camp to investigate the "transformation" situation. All practitioners who firmly practiced Falun Dafa in this labor camp were put into small rooms, in order to hide them. Then they gathered the "transformed" people to hold a meeting. This bureau chief slandered Dafa and Master at the meeting, which was unacceptable to many practitioners who participated. Some practitioners that had been temporarily deceived enlightened to the truth and realized that allowing themselves to be "transformed" had been a big mistake. One practitioner named Xu Zhen, who worked at the Hechuan electric power bureau, realized that she wrote the "three letters" because she accepted the deception. Her thoughts were confused and chaotic. She could not sleep. The labor camp guard thought that she was acting abnormally, and someone else said that she was pretending to be insane so that she would be sent home. The labor camp guard locked her hands on the bed, which made it unable for her to sit or lay down. She was not allowed to move, even to use the bathroom. Once, when this practitioner managed to free her hands, the guard and four or five prisoners attacked her brutally, and forcefully locked up her hands again. After being tortured like this for several weeks, this practitioner was driven to insanity. The labor camp then had to get her work place to take her away. In the beginning, her work place did not want to accept her, but afterwards they took her back and sent her to a mental hospital.

What is worth mentioning is that, although some practitioners were temporarily deceived by the evil forces, they came back again into righteous Fa cultivation after they awakened. In August of 2000, some of the 5 practitioners who were released from the Maojiashan Labor Camp had written "repentance letters." After studying Dafa further, they realized they had done wrong. In order to make up for this mistake, they broke through many obstacles in order to go Beijing to validate Dafa. When they were once again arrested, and sent to the labor camp, the labor camp dared not accept them. Among the second batch of practitioners who were released in September, although they were under the tight watch and control of the public security and the labor camp department, some of them still managed to go to Beijing and appeal for Dafa. These righteous acts exposed and invalidated the evil attempts to transform practitioners.

Although the Chongqing female labor camp does not use visible physical violence like the labor camps at Masanjia and Tuanhe, their use of hypocritical deceit to destroy the righteous belief of practitioners is nevertheless extremely evil. Some practitioners have the wish to appeal for Dafa and are willing to give up all things, including their lives; but they often are not on guard against hypocritical deceit. Therefore, this kind of evil must be exposed.

Practitioners in China

March, 2001