[Minghui Net] My name is Ding Baohua. I am 50 years old and live in Beitao Fuwuwei, Tiexi District in Anshan City, Liaoning Province.

I have practiced Falun Dafa for four years. My illnesses have been cured and my heart has been purified. When the government began to defamed Falun Dafa, out of the genuine wish of clarifying the truth to the government, I went to Beijing twice to appeal, however, I was detained and sent to a labor camp.

On October 28, 1999, I went to Beijing to appeal for the first time. When I came to about 200 meters in front of the petition office, a gang of plain-clothes police saw me and came to surround me immediately, asking me whether I was a Falun Gong practitioner and where I lived. Then the police from my province took me away and sent me back to the detention center in my city. Since there was not enough space in the detention center, they sent us, 27 people altogether, to a female labor camp for re-education.

On November 27,1999, I went to Beijing to appeal for the second time. After I came to the west gate of Zhongnanhai, the police on duty told me that the No. 27 on the Zhongnanhai Right Street was the special place for receiving the appeals by Falun Dafa practitioners. After I went there, they did not give me any chance to speak. Instead, they made me register and fill out forms, took my pictures and fingerprints, and then sent me to the Xicheng detention center. On December 2, 1999, I was sent back to my city for criminal detention. On the third day, the municipal police station wanted to interrogate me and asked me to crawl out from a dog hole that was 50 cm wide. I did not obey, and the jailer opened the door to let me out. After I walked for 20 meters, some police called me back and forced me to crawl through the dog hole. I did not obey them, and then four policemen squeezed me through the dog hole, causing bruises all over my body. After that, they put instruments of torture on me (hands and feet locked together). Only after I went on a hunger strike for three days, did they unlock it. In my cell, there were 7 Falun Dafa practitioners all together. Because we practiced Dafa exercises, police handcuffed 6 of us to a railing, leaving only one practitioner to collect our waste. We started a hunger strike to protest this inhumane treatment. On the third day of the hunger strike, policemen force-fed us by intubation. Finally, they sent three of us to No. 1 detention center in Anshan City. There we suffered inhumane torture. Since I did not obey them to crawl through the dog hole, a jailer named Wang Yushen shocked me with an electric baton for half an hour. Because I requested to practice, the jailer shackled my hands and feet together. I protested with a hunger strike, and then the jailer canceled the extra dishes (the fine rice and dishes bought by prisoners at high prices) and made prisoners beat and torture me. I went on a hunger strike for 7 days; they force-fed me with salt water and milk twice. After the force-feeding, I vomited all of them together with blood. They took off the handcuffs after seeing me vomit blood. But they kept my foot cuffs on until they sent me to Anshan Labor Camp for re-education for one year.

In the labor camp, they grabbed some criminals from the female labor camp to watch us day and night and prohibited us from talking. Under the instigation of the team head, criminals beat Dafa practitioners willfully. Once, when we practiced together, a drug-abusing criminal named Huang Xiuqing slapped my face very hard 12 times. The team head told criminals to beat whomever did the exercises. Later I was sent to Masanjia Labor Camp for re-education. There, I was cheated temporarily by lies and rumors and was transformed. Now I declare null and invalid all my previous "statement of criticizing and exposing," "repentance letter" and "guarantee letter."

A Chinese Citizen: Ding Baohua.

March 1, 2001