This is an update for the current situation regarding the suit filed in the year 2000 by ninety-nine practitioners of the N0. 4 Group at the Shijiazhuang Labor Education Camp vs. Chinese President Jiang Zemin for his illegal suppression of Falun Gong and the persecution of practitioners, which has resulted in the deaths of over one hundred practitioners.

Without proper procedure the court arrested two people who had drafted and filed the suit. Ms. Liu Juhua and Ms. Zhu Hong were detained at the No.2 Jail in Shijiazhuang for their "pointing the finger to" China's President. The Xinhua Municipal Court in Shijiazhuang City was supposed to handle this case. Rather than maintaining lawful dignity, the personnel in this court are abusing their power by applying pressure to Ms. Liu and Ms. Zhu to drop the suit.

For the time being Ms. Liu and Ms. Zhu have had many difficulties in finding a lawyer as they are denied formal communication with the outside world. Through informal channels they are hereby appealing to lawyers with a sense of justice in China or abroad to step forward and speak out for Falun Gong. They are also asking for righteous people in the world to morally support Falun Gong practitioners in China.

Some brief information about Ms. Zhu and Ms. Liu -

Zhu Hong: Female, age 33. A graduate of an art school in Shijiazhuang, she was self-employed and had an expertise in oil paintings. Ms. Zhu went to Beijing six times, exercising her right to appeal for Falun Gong. Subsequently she was arrested on 01/06/00 and sentenced to 3-years labor education camp in Shijiazhuang City. Meanwhile her husband, Mr. Li Zengyuan was forced to divorce her. They have one 6-year old daughter. Mr. Li's telephone is 86-311-601-6070. Ms. Zhu's mothers name is Ms. Zhao Ying and her telephone number is 86-311-781-4335.

Liu Juhua: Female. Her sons name is Mr. Ma Pan residing in Tangshan City and his telephone number is 86-315-233-1108. Another son, Mr. Ma Yu resides at the Tangshan Normal College. Ms. Liu was transferred from Tangshan Kaiping Labor Camp to the Shijiazhuang Labor Education Camp No.4 Group.

Contact Information for the Court is as follows: -

Shijiazhuang No.2 Jail: 23 Beijiao Street, Shijiazhuang City, Zip Code 050051

Tel 86-311-775-5213, 779-4374, 779-4348

Director: Mr. Du Xilin 775-5213

Deputy Director: Mr. Wang Zhibin 775-5205

Instructor: Mr. Zhang Hongqi 775-5202

Xinhua Municipal Court: 86-311-702-9482, 702-9474, 789-9294, 703-9247

On-Duty: 703-8637

Reported by a Practitioner in China on 2/27/01