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[Shenzhen, Guangdong Province] Dafa Practitioner Wang Shaona Twice Forced to Have Induced Abortion

Wang Shaona, is a Dafa practitioner from Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. She and her husband were arrested and detained in Shuiwan Police Substation for practicing Falun Gong outdoor. She was bailed out by her work unit after eighteen hours, but her husband Li Weijun was illegally detained for fifteen days.

On February 15, 2000, she and her husband once again went to Beijing to appeal, but were intercepted by security guards on the way to Beijing. After the policemen in Shuiwan Police Substation found out that she had been pregnant for six months, they sent her to hospital to have an induced abortion. Meanwhile, her husband was illegally detained in Shekou Detention Center.

She was then detained for fifteen days for appealing in Beijing.

On June 30, 2000, policemen arrested her and her husband at home and detained them in the detention center for one month. She was forced to have an induced abortion once again. Her husband Li Weijun was detained for fifty days.

She was arrested again in January 2001 for clarifying the truth of Falun Gong and is still being held in a detention center.

[Heilongjiang Province] Elementary School Student Dismissed from School for Cultivating Dafa

An elementary school in Buoli County forced all students to sign documents against Falun Gong. The school staff threatened one young practitioner with possible dismissal from school for not giving up cultivation and breaking with Dafa. As a result, this young practitioner had leave school.

[Daqing, Heilongjiang Province] Record of Persecution of Dafa Practitioners in Dongfeng Labor Camp

At the end of February, the guards on duty in Section II of Dongfeng Labor Camp played Mah Jong [A traditional Chinese gambling game] during work time. Because of their neglect of duty, the criminals were left unwatched, resulting in fights among criminals. Consequently, one criminal's head was seriously injured. The leaders of the labor camp criticized the guards and said: "You did not control the criminals well, and you didn't do a good job with Falun Gong practitioners." The guards then vented their angers on Dafa practitioners. They seized ten Dafa practitioners who kept practicing Falun Gong and tied them up outside in the freezing winter weather; the temperature outside was lower than C10 0C [less than 140F]. They did not allow practitioners to talk, and tried to block the passage of information outside of the labor camp.

In addition, on March 12, a so-called "Transformation Team" came to give reports; the guards forced all practitioners to attend. Two Dafa practitioners (Du Yin and Zhu Hongbin) stood up on the spot to stop them from slandering Teacher and Dafa. As a result, these two practitioners were put on handcuffs and shackles and shut in special cells.

Latest News: On March 13, four more Dafa practitioners were sent to Dongfeng Labor Camp. These four practitioners are Yang Qing, Xu Bin, Li Ling, and Cao Jingdong. According to the information obtained from people inside, the condition in the labor camp is extremely bad; we hope that kindhearted people will pay attention to it.

Officer of Labor Camp: Ying Chengli: 86-459-4661192

Secretary: Song Huidong: 86-459-4664861

Director of Section II: Liu Qianli: 86-459-4664859

[Wuhan, Hubei Province] The "Voices of Dafa" Shake the Evil

On the morning of March 10, thirteen speakers resounded through the sky above Wuhan City simultaneously, spreading the message of Dafa. All the practitioners who installed the speakers returned safely. Their acts have strongly suffocated the evil.

[Fujian Province] Crimes committed by Policemen

I am from XX city, Fujian Province. At present, there are six practitioners among my family members. Before the Chinese New Year, my third and fifth son went to Beijing to validate Dafa. After my sons left, the local government staff and policemen were in a great panic. While they organized people to intercept my sons, they illegally limited my freedom. They detained me in Village Office in XX District for 10 days, and even kept me detained during Chinese New Year.

On January 31, my wife's uncle passed away; they released me then because I strongly requested it (They also forced me to write an application for leave). During this period of time, they took my third son back from Beijing. They first illegally detained him and then sentenced him to one year and three months in labor camp. They did not even inform my family about the sentence until half a month later. On the evening of February 5, my fifth son returned home after validating the Fa in Beijing. The next morning policemen blockaded my home. In the beginning, my fifth son debated with the Vice Secretary Shen from Police Substation until Shen was unable to advance any further arguments to justify himself. Around five O'clock in the afternoon, seven police vehicles came in one after another, sending sixty to seventy people to my home (including policemen and government staff). They arrested my fifth son. Over ten people also grabbed my wife, my fourth son, and me. They did not release my son until nine o'clock at night.

[Fujian Province] The Deeds of A Dafa Practitioner: Validating Dafa, Not Cooperating With The Evil

I am a Falun Dafa practitioner from Sanming City, Fujian Province. On January 21st of this year, I went to Tiananmen Square to validate Dafa alone. I was violently beaten by the policemen on Tiananmen Square and illegally detained in Miyun County Detention Center in Beijing. In order to validate Dafa, I started a hunger strike and resisted them with my life. After this contest between good and evil, they had to release me after the 49-hour illegal detention.

On the morning of the second day after I was back to Sanming City, the local government staffs and policemen blockaded my home. Vice Secretary Shen from the police station, who is in charge of the matter, ordered me to go to the police station for investigation, I refused. He said that they were just fulfilling their official duty. I questioned him, "Is this about the Falun Gong issue?" He said yes. I said, "If I myself have any problem, I should corporate with you. But today you aim at Falun Gong, so I must seriously point out to you that your behavior is against the law! I don't recognize it, let alone cooperate with it!"

When faced with this appeal to justice, he lowered his head and said nothing. After a while, several police vehicles sent in dozens of policemen. In the end, Shen revealed his corrupt nature, and said, "I don't care that much, you have to come with me anyway." Upon his word, six or seven cops and government officers rushed up in a crowd, pouncing on me, my parents, and my brother (they are all practitioners). They dragged us to the police vehicles by force and sent us to the police station. In the entrance of the police station, I shouted "intolerable to the course of nature"; they seized me by the throat immediately.

When faced with the so-called interrogation, I just ignored them. The policeman who was in charge of the trial was shamed into anger and openly called me an offender! I said calmly, "You are right, I was an offender before, but I have changed into a good man now. It is Falun Dafa that has changed me. I am strict with myself, using high standards; I can give up my life for truth. How about you? Your appearance looks reasonable, but you can't distinguish good from bad. Without our Teacher's benevolence, teaching me to treat every life with goodwill, you would not be even qualified to talk with me!" In the afternoon, I was informed that I would be given criminal detention (it was probably a joke, since it was cancelled soon after). They then sent me to a detention center. In the detention center, I once again protested with my life that their behaviors that openly tread on the law. They were terribly frightened; they then put handcuffs and shackles on me. At the same time, my parents and brother protested at home. The local government and the police station had a guilty conscience and had to release me after a 4-hour illegal detention.

[Benxi City, Liaoning Province] More Than 20 Dafa Practitioners Were Illegally Arrested Recently

There have been over 20 Dafa practitioners from Benxi City arrested by policemen since the Chinese New Year. The police employed the basest means, forcing the leaders of practitioners' working groups to trick practitioners into coming to the work site for meetings; the policemen made an ambush on the way to the work site and arrested practitioners by force.

[Beijing] Dafa Practitioner Wang Yue Remains Faithful and Unyielding and Was Transferred to the Seventh Section of Beijing Public Security Bureau

Beijing Dafa practitioner Wang Yue still firmly sticks to Dafa after suffering the tortures in a "transformation class" for 15 days. Wang was directly transferred to the Seventh Section of Beijing Public Security Bureau.

[Guangdong Province] Innocent Dafa Practitioners Sent to Labor Camp by Force, Wrongdoers Rewarded

Dafa practitioner Lan Shaomei from Fanyu District Subsidiary of Guangzhou Development Group Ltd. Co., Guangdong Province went to Beijing to appeal in March 2000. She was then detained in Fanyu District Police Substation for 15 days. In June 2000, policemen from Fanyu District Police Substation once again arrested her at home without any reason. Then she was sentenced to two years in a labor camp; her husband had nowhere to appeal. However, the cops in the 610 office [government office specifically created to deal with issues related to Falun Gong] at Fanyu District Police Substation were rewarded for their shameless behavior. The leaders at Guangzhou Development Group Ltd. Co. illegally dismissed Dafa practitioner Lan Shaomei.

[Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province] Wang Fengwu, and Zhang Lei et al. from TV & Radio Companion Illegally Slander Dafa

The newspaper TV & Radio Companion in Qinhuangdao City published articles that viciously slandered and attacked Dafa.

The tenth issue on February 28, 2001 included:

1.) Editor Wang Fengwu from the "Law Essentials" program published a "Repentance Statement" from a so-called Falun Gong practitioner from Shanhaiguan City. The "Repentance Statement" contained words slandering Dafa; Editor's Office Hot Line: 86-335-3078465.

2.) Editor Zhang Lei from the "Pupils Everywhere" program published a signed article by "Wu You" (A student from a fifth grade class at Qinghuangdao Youth Palace Writing School). This article seriously infringed upon the reputation of Falun Gong Founder, Mr. Li Hongzhi. It used malicious words quoted from "Daily News" (CCTV) which violated the Constitution and Law, distorted the truth, and slandered and attacked Falun Gong; Editor's Office Hot Line: 86-335-3078465

This article was one of the works submitted to the so-called "Outstanding Genius" composition contest for elementary and high school students in Qinghuangdao City, which was organized by TV & Radio Companion and Qinghuangdao Youth Palace. The deadline for the submission of articles was March 15, 2001. Advisory Phone Number: 86-335-3629143 3624143. Qinghuangdao Information Harbor (http://www.qhd.com.cn) closely followed CCTV in publishing articles that distorted the truth and slandered Falun Gong

[Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province] Brief News about Persecution of Practitioners

1, Liu Wenwei was arrested at work (Harbin Railway Procuratorate) on January 15, 2001. Within two days, policemen in Harbin Railway sentenced Liu to three years in labor camp. Liu was then detained in Fuyu Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province. Liu's mother is in her 60's; she has no source of income and no place to appeal.

2, Yang Jianxiu worked for Electric Service Section of Harbin Railway Bureau. Yang was arrested at home on January 16, 2001, and is still being detained in Harbin Railway Detention Center. Yang will be sentenced in the near future and sent to Jiamusi Labor Camp.

3, Yang Jinghua worked for Commercial Trade Company in Harbin Railway Bureau. Yang was sentenced to two years in labor camp for practicing Falun Gong. Twenty-four Falun Gong practitioners are illegally detained in Harbin Railway Detention Center now.

Officer He Hongda of Harbin Railway Bureau: 86-451-6422150

Policemen from Police Station of Harbin Railway Bureau who persecuted Falun Gong practitioners include: Han Aiguo: 86-451-6423648; Xu Xiaohai: 86-451-6422628.

Over sixty Falun Gong practitioners are detained in the Fuyu Labor Camp.

[Shandong Province] Government Hires Unemployed People to Kidnap Dafa Practitioners

Recently, some working units, community offices, resident committees, police stations, and local government hired some unemployed people to kidnap practitioners to bring them to transformation classes for brainwashing. Those who can't be transformed will not be released. Please be alert to the matter.

[China] We Must Truly Understand Fa From The Perspective of Fa, Only By Treating the Fa as Teacher Can We Distinguish Good From Evil, and Eliminate Attachments

At present, the situation in China is very complicated; people's hearts are incomprehensible. Some swindlers usurped the phrase of "The Need for Promoting Fa" taking advantage of practitioners' kindness to cheat practitioners. Some cheat for money, some try to trap more practitioners, some betray Dafa and slander Teacher while at the same time claiming that they have been enlightened to a higher level Fa and have succeeded in their cultivation, etc. It is so chaotic and ridiculous. But no matter how extravagant their descriptions are, they are merely playing the base tricks of those who have lost all codes of ethics; the tricks are utilized to help practitioners to recognize their own fundamental attachments and insufficient understanding of Fa.

As long as practitioners can truly understand the Fa from the perspective of the Fa, instead of treating a human being as Teacher or acting according to feelings and imagination, they will be able to do whatever they are supposed to do with more rationality and wisdom, following the cultivation path arranged by the Teacher, clarifying the truth, revealing the evil, and validating Dafa. Only by letting go of our attachments and remaining righteous can the evil be eradicated.

March 16, 2001