The Indonesia Falun Gong Association was founded on October 3, 2000. On March 3, 2001 the Association for the first time held a series of activities in the capital city of Jakarta. These activities included group practice and study, experience sharing and Dafa-promoting activities. The purpose of these activities was to help practitioners keep pace with Teacher's Fa rectification in the human world, enhance our understanding of the Fa (Buddha Law) together and uplift our level as a whole under the extremely harsh environment. Over 160 practitioners came from various places, including Jakarta, Bandung, Jawa Surabaya, Malang, Pasuruan, Australia and Taiwan.

Through this group study, we made significant progress in our comprehension of the Fa. Many came to realize the meaning of life and the rarity of the opportunity to cultivate in the period of Fa rectification. We all agreed that we should strive to do better in promoting the Fa in addition to cultivating steadfastly. While continuously getting rid of our attachments, we should try our best to make ourselves purer and exert all our efforts as particles of Dafa in the Fa rectification process.

The serene and peaceful scene of our group practice not only purified the practitioners who were present, but also attracted many tourists to stop and watch. Many people from the media came to interview us. Among them were four TV stations, RRT radio station, and several major newspapers and magazines. That night the TV broadcasted the spectacular scene of our group practice and a clip of an interview with our practitioners. The newspapers that interviewed us also gave all-around reports the next day. All these aroused the public's great interest in Falun Gong.

Subsequent to the conclusion of this event, the practice sites at various places received many phone calls inquiring about Falun Gong and interviews from different media. The practice site in Jembatan III of Jakarta had reporters from the BBC and the French Embassy in Jakarta to do interviews. In Surabaya, the Jawa Post reported details about our activities two days after its residential reporter in Jakarta attended the March 3 events. On March 8, the Jawa Post once again sent a reporter to a Surabaya practice site to gain an in-depth understanding of Falun Gong. Starting on March 9, this newspaper began a series of introductions and analyses of Falun Gong in a more accurate, more positive and more detailed manner. Another magazine, Liberty, also called the practice site to schedule an interview. A reporter from Liberty said that she had already read the Indonesian version of Zhuan Falun and that she felt it was very appealing and she would like to learn more about Falun Gong.

All these voices suggest that the negative effects of the propaganda by the Chinese Embassy published in major Chinese newspapers in Indonesia, since the self-immolation in Tiananmen Square, are vanishing. Thousands of deceived hearts are being rescued. This is the mighty compassion that Teacher gives to the human world.

Practitioners in Indonesia

March 10, 2001