In recent news reports by newspapers, television and radio broadcasts, we often see that the Chinese Embassy holds discussion seminars that criticize "Falun Gong". It is usually the Consular or the Ambassador who is in charge of these meetings. They say that Chinese internal affairs, including the "Falun Gong" issue, should not be interfered with.

Have these diplomatic officers ever considered that in all countries, other than in China, Falun Gong is a legally registered group; there is freedom of belief in these countries. By holding meetings to criticize the freedom of belief and association of foreign countries aren't these Chinese government officers interfering with the internal affairs of other countries? When some cities want to award Falun Gong, officers from the Chinese Embassy phone and mail materials attempting to stop the local government from recognizing Falun Gong. When practitioners in some areas wanted to rent places to hold meetings, once again it were the officers from the Chinese Embassy that phoned and mailed material trying to stop the local working staff from renting them a place. Chinese Ambassador please think about it: if a local mayor in a foreign country wants to award his citizen, can you instruct him on how to do his work? A citizen wants to legally rent a place to hold a meeting in his own country, why are you getting involved? If this happened in China, where the embassy of some other country behaved like this, would the Chinese government allow it? Do not think that you can do whatever you want just because there is freedom and tolerance in other countries.

It was reported, in the "World Journal" on February 22, 2001, that there was a discussion seminar at the Chinese Embassy in Los Angeles on February 24. There were more than twenty "representatives of the Chinese Communities" present. Can these self-appointed representatives act on behalf of the hearts of the Chinese in Los Angeles? They sought petty gains. They cannot even represent their own conscience, how could they represent 700,000 Chinese people in Los Angeles? The so-called seminar, without a doubt, borrowed the same means from Mainland China, that make everyday people fight with each other. Please do not forget that this is the United Sates. The officers who were involved in this should check their own behavior if they acted beyond their duty. Do not only worry about your promotion opportunities in your position. If you have done what you should not have, you will have been severely interfering with the internal affairs of other countries.

We also hope that practitioners of every country collect more evidence in this regard and reveal the evil deeds of interference with the internal affair of other countries, as demonstrated by the officers from the Chinese government. They have attempted to defame the belief of foreign citizens and disturb the freedom of association of foreign citizens. If necessary, you may ask for the help from a lawyer, local court or present the facts directly to the top leaders of your country, appealing to investigate the illegal behavior of Chinese organizations in foreign countries.