1. Walked out of the "study class"

In November 1999, I went to Beijing to validate Fa (Buddha law). Subsequently I was sent back to my local detention center. Because I refused to give up my belief in Falun Dafa, I was first detained for 6 months (during which I was illegally handcuffed and shackled for 4 months). Later I was sent to the "study class" and 're-educated' there for another 6 months. "Study class" is just a glorified name for detention center and labor camp; it is in fact a prison.

In the class, the officer often says: "What is Fa? It is all up to me here. If you do not give up the practice, I will detain you month after month." Is this still the people's country? áPower is above the law. We are the cultivators and protectors of the law of the universe "truthfulness, compassion, forbearance". The corrupt regime punishes the good and promotes the bad. We will not allow this to happen. The precious lives of Dafa practitioners should never be buried in this human hell of China. In November 2000, together with six other practitioners, we finally managed to escape the stranglehold of the vicious ? team' (an office specifically set up to persecute Falun Gong practitioners). This is my first time to prevail over a difficult situation and join the current, áhelping our teacher rectifying the Fa in this human world.

  1. Confronting changes with steadfast thoughts.

On Jan 1st of 2000, I unfurled the banner in Tiananmen Square and shouted "Falun Dafa is good!" I was arrested and sent to the Chaoyang detention center. First they body-searched me in an indecent manner. Then they interrogated me:

(1). The interrogation is a fishing expedition for my name and address. The policeman pretended to be nice and said: "I have read Zhuan Falun and I also often read books of Buddhism. Why do we question you? . You only have to tell us your name and address, you can then use my cellular phone to call your family." I responded: "I tell people the truth in Tiananmen Square. This is out of my compassion to wake up the people befuddled. I have not done anything wrong, nor have I committed any crime. My name and address is a private matter and not of your concern. áI also do not want to involve the local government and my family. This is to stop your ploy to escalate the conflict among the innocent people."

(2). Failing in their feeble con attempt, several security guards punched and kicked me while badmouthing our teacher. I protested their violation of the law and firmly told them: "In order to save the human beings and practitioners, our master worked tirelessly. He suffered countless hardships and áasked nothing in return. His great compassion to his students is far more than we treasure ourselves." I also warned them that their bad deeds would have to be repaid eventually.

Pulling out one more from their bag of tricks, one policeman put a distressed look on his face and said: "We can not go home for the new year's festivity. Pity us and tell us your address so that we can file our report. And I will practice Falun Gong right away." I said: " Every outcome has its cause. Tribulation is the result of the accumulation of karma and blessing is from past good deeds. You are the accomplices of Jiang Zemin viciously torturing innocent people. One person who does bad deeds will bring tribulation to his whole family. If you want to change your destiny why not start with doing some thing good?"

(3). The officer said: " It seems that we can not 'educate' or change your mind. We simply do not believe that the government with all its might cannot subdue you. We will make your mind clear tonight."

On the windy and freezing cold night, the officers took off my coat, socks, shoes, and handcuffed me on a chair in the snow. In addition, he buried my feet and part of my legs in the snow. One officer even squeezed a snowball inside my collar. I looked around and discovered that there were several other practitioners treated in the same fashion. Some of them were shackled and handcuffed so that they had to sit in the snow.

(4). I do not know how long it was before they took me back in the house. One officer said: "Don't you Falun gong practitioners dare think we are easy to overcome. We can do anything to you if push comes to shove. Beating ápractitioners to death is akin to killing a few ants. The central government has already directed: "No sympathy for Falun Gong. If practitioners were persecuted to death, report them as suicide." And he added: "You are still young. You should think about yourselves." áI said: " In China, the door is open for those to betray their conscience and yield to the government. But how can the heart be clean and free of guilt then? áWhat I cultivate is the principle of "truthfulness, compassion and forbearance". What I seek is the peace of mind of a conduct beyond reproach. In this evil dominated society I can only sacrifice my life for my principle!"

  1. Adversities evaporate when árighteous thoughts emerge.

The police at the Chaoyang detention center, Beijing contacted the local office in Beijing based on my accent. Officers there came and attempted to beat the name and address out of me. After they failed, they took me to the local office in Beijing. There were already two other practitioners there. To prevent our escape, the officers handcuffed one hand of áeach practitioner to a bed. At midnight when everyone was sleeping soundly, I made up my mind that I would escape, no matter what happened, and tell people the vicious deeds in the detention center. If I waited until next day, the local 610 team would arrive and they would recognize me. I ásignaled the two ápractitioners to escape. They pointed to the handcuffs, gesturing that they could not take it off. They seemed to be restrained by the false images in this material dimension inhibiting the divine side to rectify the Fa. But I was determined. Righteous thoughts filled my heart: I must go out at this moment to expose the evil; áI believe that evil force cannot subjugate us practitioners. The miracle indeed happened! I easily took the handcuff off of my left hand with just a gentle tug with my right hand. It is indeed "the righteous mind dissolves adversities". I stood up and walked out of the room. But the gate was locked. I still managed to walk out. It was snowing and I was lost, I could not tell the direction. But I was filled with joy. The mighty Dafa helped me sail through difficulty áthe second time. At around 8 AM, I found a safe place to stay. á

During the spring festival, the Chinese government staged the Tiananmen group self-immolation incident and used it as an excuse to escalate the persecution of Falun gong. Now I am back in my hometown and whole-heartedly joining millions of other practitioners in the process of Fa rectification. We will expose the evil, tell people the truth, offer salvation to all sentient beings, and rid the evil at its root!

Hebei practitioner: Zhang Xia (pseudonym)

Mar 2nd, 2001