[Minghui Net] In Rhode Island, many cities displayed their approval of Falun Gong by issuing a proclamation for Falun Dafa Week or Falun Dafa Day. In order to provide the opportunity for others to know and understand Falun Gong, we also held several Dafa introduction classes in each city in conjunction with the week or day set aside to recognize Falun Dafa.

Falun Dafa Week in the City of Warwick

The City of Warwick's Falun Dafa Week was held from Jan. 8th to Jan. 14th. The largest and most wide-spread newspaper of Rhode Island wrote an article introducing Falun Dafa and reported the activities of Falun Dafa Week of other cities. In addition, it published the picture of our group practice. We contacted the local library and decided to hold a Dafa introduction class on the Saturday afternoon of Jan 13th. For some unknown reason, we found that one local newspaper published the class time in the morning instead of in the afternoon. We contacted the library to explain the situation, and decided to hold two classes-- one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

On the morning of Jan 13th, around twenty people came to the class. After watching the 9-minute introduction video, we briefly talked about our own experiences since beginning the practice. We also talked about the suppression of Falun Gong in China and the persecution suffered by the practitioners in China now. Afterwards, we began to teach the exercises. People studied the exercises very earnestly. Some of them felt the energy flow on their hands and feet as they learned the exercises. They said they felt very good, and most of them expressed an interest in continuing to learn the practice and attending a group practice site. They provided their telephone numbers for further contact. Some individuals later went to the bookstore to purchase the Dafa books and video. Copies of the book and video that the library had on hand was also checked out for use as well. Several of the individuals who attended, returned to join the afternoon introduction class.

In the afternoon more than twenty people attended the class. When we realized that they would almost fill up the whole conference room, we recognized and were joyful that this was all arranged by Master Li. We were grateful for the opportunity to hold a morning and afternoon class. Had there been only one class with forty people attending at once, the space available would not have been sufficient!

When we taught the exercises, one lady left the room twice. After the instructions, she expressed her regret and told us because the energy flowing in her body was so strong, she had to leave the room for a while. Actually, she said she felt very good and was sure that she would come to the practice site. One professor who felt very happy after learning the exercises, stated she hoped we could come to her college to teach her students.

Invitation to International Wheelchair Association

We understand that more and more people from different classes are beginning to practice Dafa. In early January of this year, the branch of the International Wheelchair Association invited Falun Gong practitioners to provide an exercise demonstration. They seemed very appreciative and felt that our being there was like receiving a gift for the New Year. The members of International Wheelchair Association include CEO's or Officials and Administrators of various companies. We were invited to participant in this event by the CEO of one company who is very interested in Falun Gong, and has investigated Falun Gong for a period of time. After watching the exercise demonstration, he decided to begin learning the exercises. He not only attended an introduction class, he also came to our practice site to practice during the second weekend after the class.

The Power of Dafa

Even though western practitioners in Rhode Island had been practicing Dafa for only a short amount of time, the power of Dafa seems to have reflected upon their bodies. Some of the practitioners who had just started reading Zhuan Falun, had their bodies purified by Master Li right away, along with having some karmic symptoms dissolved. One practitioner said she had suffered again from a sore foot, but after reading Zhuan Falun, she realized that she was going through the process of dissolving karma and got it over with after several previous struggles. Another practitioner said that after reading Zhuan Falun, his body was lightened, and his short temper was restrained. He said he also noticed that he did not swear at people anymore. The tremendous changes in him have been noticed by his friends. As soon as he got to know the Dafa, he started spreading the Dafa- introducing the Dafa to people he knew. He brought his friends along to attend his first group exercise. He also provided other key contacts through which we were invited to hold seminars in other local areas.

In addition, the Western practitioners copied Dafa newpapers and put them at the information center where group exercises are held. Because of the cold weather in Rhode Island this winter, we rented a room from a club for the group exercise on the weekends. A western practitioner who was a member of the club offered her help in order to keep our budget down.

Spreading Dafa in Burnillville

We recall during a seminar held in Burnillville (a small town in Rhode Island), a senior citizen, named Ross, came with a flyer she got coincidentally. She said she had been seeking for the Dafa, and that she finally found it. After the seminar, she enthusiastically took us to the largest library in town and left Dafa materials there. Ross told us that she liked the principle of "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance". Even though she acquired only a tiny portion of the Dafa, she seemed already very much in love with it! As we were leaving the library, Ross offered to lead us to the highway on which we needed to go back. We didn't want to bother her anymore, but she insisted: "Now I've already gotten to know Falun Dafa and have become a practitioner. I've got to behave my best." We were very grateful for this experience with Ross. We had an extra copy of Zhuan Falun and gave it to her before parting. She accepted the book with pleasure and indicated that she would read the book heartily.

Many people want the opportunity to learn Dafa

Since the Dafa related articles were published by many newspapers, a number of people asked when we would offer the seminars in their cities. The manager of a senior center called us many times and invited us to give them a Dafa introduction session there. About twenty people attended the session and learned the exercises. The senior citizens there enjoyed Falun Gong very much, and we promised that we would go there again when we get a chance. We feel that more and more people are waiting to get to know the Dafa, and we can only do our best in terms of granting people's wishes to acquire the Dafa. (U.S. practitioners wrote the article)