The Secret is out: Henan Provincial Government is behind the "Tiananmen Self-Immolation" Incident

[] According to sources inside Luoyang (the capital of Henan Province), the heads of the Henan provincial government and the local Communist Party were ordered to appear before the central government after 309 people died from a Christmas day fire in Luoyang last December. They were forced to take the full blame for what had happened.

Self-Immolation Incident still without Independent Verification

[Minghui Net] On January 23 and 24, in the absence of independent verification and without presenting Falun Gong' statement, some media in Japan cited the one-sided reports from the Xinhua News Agency and reported the 5-people immolation event on Tiananmen Square as carried out by Falun Gong practitioners. We believe these reports are one-sided and non-objective, and have significantly misled the audiences. Here, we' like to offer our views regarding the self-immolation incident and hope the media can look into facts and promptly get across our opinions to the public.

An Outsider's View on the Self-Immolation on Tiananmen Square


I am not a follower, nor am I Chinese. However, I am interested in what really happened in Tiananmen Square. As I understand it, several of the victims (martyrs) have died and the others are in a high class hospitals. I have two thoughts:

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