Since July 20th, 1999, 36,000 Falun Dafa practitioners in the city of Binzhou and six counties have been relentlessly and brutally persecuted.

1. Mental torture

Falun Dafa practitioners' human rights have been severely violated: their homes have been frequently searched and personal property confiscated; they have been followed and monitored; their phones tapped; and they have to report to the police if they need to leave their homes... on "sensitive" days such as New Year's Day or "April 25th" (translator's note: 10,000 practitioners went to Zhongnanhai to appeal on April 25, 1999); the evil forces always "going door to door" to disturb practitioners and their families.

2. Labor Education

There were 42 practitioners (16 in Bincheng District alone) illegally forced to do labor. Wang Hui, Zhang Zhihua, Zhang Liqin, Tu Fengqin, Ma Zhanshan, Ma Kai, Chu Haitong, Hu Xiufang, Zhao Liqin, Deng Xien, Shi Wandou, Liu Chenxiang, Liu Jing, and Sun Dongmei were sent to Wangcun Labor Camp to receive forceful conversion. Later, they released a few people who were converted under brutal tortures, and tried to use them to damage Dafa.

3. Detention:

More than 80 practitioners were detained numerous times, some for as long as 8 months. They were severely physically and mentally damaged. They are: Zhao Weisheng, Meng Xiangdong, Jin Yunliang, Hu Yulan, Wang Zhijiang, Xu Zhiqiang, Qu Bolan, Liu Chunxiang, Tu Fengqin, Huang Yuping, Wu Xichun, Wang Peng, Wei Jinzhi, Li Haiqing, Jiao Wenjian, Wang Yunzhen, Lu Qiyuan, Wang Hui, Zhang Xiuzhen, Wang Jian and mother, Sun Yepeng, Chu Haitong, Zheng Yizhen, Yang Xiurong, Wei Shuqing, Jiang Lianzhen, Zhan Xiaozhen, Wang Jiali, Li Zhixia, Zhang Zhihua, GengLimin, Dong Kouzhen, Zhang Jinying, Liu Jing, Wang Shuping, Sun Shulie, Xun Jiangdong, Zhang Xiuzhen, Liu Qinghua, Hu Xiufang, Yu Zhong and son, Yu Liang, Geng Jianfen, Yu Xiaolan, Yu Guilan, Wang Baoshun, Zhang Quanzhong couple, Zhao Wei, Liu Guangxia, Liu Guangwei and father, Dong Yunqin, Ju Peilian, Chen Huizhi, Zhang Xiaoqin, Jiang Bo, Miao Banru, Zhao Xiaoqin, Deng Xien, Shi Wandou, Shi Zhijie, Zhang Shuyie, Wang Jianhong and sister, Lan Fumei, Li Dahu, Zhang Huagong, Gai Jianying, Ma Zhanshan, Ma Kai, Gao Jianxin, Wei Shuang,

4. Forced to Jump Out of Building

The evil lied about Qiao Desheng, an Assistant Researcher at City Agriculture Science Institute, being schizophrenic and forced him to be locked away in a mental institution. Later, in order to be free from the extreme inhuman torture, Qiao Desheng had to jump from the fourth floor of the dorm of Binzhou Secondary Court, which resulted in him being handicapped for life.

5. Termination of Employment

The Paper Production Factory fired seven practitioners (Yu Xiaolan,; the Plug Production Factory fired four practitioners (Zhang Zhihua, Geng Limin, Dong Kouzhen,; The Third Textile Factory fired Zhan Xiaozhen, Wei Shuqing, and Li ZhiXia and stopped Yang Xiurong's retirement payments...

6. Fines

Every practitioner who was detained had to pay fines from 3000 ?5000 yuan (translator's note: Chinese dollars, the monthly salary of an averaged worker in cities of China is about 500 yuan) and some even more than 10,000 yuan. On January 20, 2001, Chen Jingqing, a practitioner from the Second Branch of Oil Foundation Company, was fined 60,000 yuan.

7. Families and Employers Are Implicated

Six practitioners from the Second Branch of Oil Foundation Company were forced to enter a three-month-long "conversion study class". Every one of them had to pay 6,000 yuan and had to have a leader from work, and a relative accompany them to transform. Since Miao Benru, a resident of Miaojia Cun in the town of Liangcai, went to Beijing to appeal, the local Resident Committee, the local Police Station, and Miao Benru each had to pay 5000 yuan.

8. Homeless

Seven practitioners from Bincheng District, Wang Zhijiang, Xu ZhiQiang, Dong Kouzhen,, had to leave their homes.

In the past one and half years, the relentless prosecution has fully revealed the basic characteristics of the evil force. We must firmly resist the evil, expose the evil, and follow Master's Fa rectification process. We believe that the evil will soon be eliminated and the day of celebration by heaven and earth is coming.

The record of the evil people who prosecuted Dafa practitioners in Binzhou City, Boxing County:

Li Zainian, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee, Boxing County. Tel. 86-5432321309 (h), 86-13805436309 (cell)

Ran Ruan, Chairman of County Police Department, put Dafa practitioners into labor camps and detained them. Tel. 86-5432329626 (w), 86-5432321676 operator (h)

Wang Pin, Vice Chairman of County Police Department, Forced practitioners to be fired from jobs, fined practitioners, and operate the conversion study classes. Tel. 86-5432321676 operator (w), 86-5432326383 (h), 86-13805436688 (cell)

Liu Jianmin, Chief of the Security Section of County Police Department, had also done the above crime. Tel. 86-5432321676 operator (w) (h)

Shu Wenfeng in County Police Department brutally tortured Dafa practitioners, Tel. 86-5432321676 operator (w) (h)

Ma Taigang, Secretary of the Party Committee, the town of Pangjia, brutally beat and prosecuted Dafa practitioners, Tel. 86-5432360721

Zhang Ping, Town Manager of Pangjia, had also done the above crime. Tel. 86-5432360718 (w)

Gao Po, Chief of the Pangjia Police Station, had also done the above crime. Tel. 86-5423260110 (w)